Wooden glasses, the new trend!

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Wooden glasses are glasses that have a wooden frame, not plastic or other materials. Trends are increasingly used by both men and women. They are very comfortable, very solid and stand up well to the wear and tear of time. But why are wooden glasses so popular? We will take a closer look at this in this article.

How to choose your wooden glasses?

Like glasses or sunglasses, wooden glasses are essential accessories to be fashionable and trendy. The choice of different models and shapes of wooden glasses will allow you to have a vintage, classic or even sporty look.

The biggest brands even offer high-end wooden frames which are very pleasant to wear and which have a long lifespan thanks to the ideal choice of the type of wood used during their manufacture.

Why choose wooden glasses? If you want to have an extraordinary look, make a gesture for the planet by banishing plastic, opt for a pair of wooden glasses. These accessories are elegant and refined which will bring out your personality and your style of dress. In addition to being aesthetic, the lenses can be the same as those of more classic glasses.

How to choose your wooden glasses? A wide range of wooden glasses is available to you.

  • Color: it is possible to opt for natural colors such as brown or beige for example.
  • The shape: this will entirely depend on the personal taste of the wearer.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden glasses

Wooden glasses are increasingly used. If they are very popular, it is not without reason.

Their design is particularly original and their natural colors give them a very trendy style. Moreover, the wooden glasses are environmentally friendly and made from renewable raw materials. They do not contain any chemical products likely to damage the eyesight or the skin of the wearers.

Wooden glasses also have the advantage of being resistant and durable, which considerably reduces the purchase of new pairs every year, unlike classic pairs which have to be replaced far too often.

The choice of models is wide: black or brown frames for a touch of originality, colored frames for an offbeat look, or even transparent frames for a chic and elegant style…

The aesthetics of wooden glasses go from the soberest to the most elaborate according to the personal tastes of the wearer but also of the manufacturer. They are suitable for both men and women and can be associated with different clothing styles (chic, sporty, etc.) because they allow you to adopt a casual or sophisticated look depending on the model chosen.

The different types of wooden glasses

Wooden eyewear is an innovative and original solution. It offers different advantages that may vary depending on the models offered.

Wooden glasses are made from natural materials: bamboo, oak, maple, or even rosewood. Their manufacture is artisanal and respectful of the environment. These glasses are often made from recycled materials. Each type of bezel has its own specificities and advantages:

  • The eco-friendly wooden glasses: do not contain plastic
  • The natural wooden glasses: allow easy maintenance
  • The bamboo glasses: have an original design and are elegant, thin, and light

Where to buy wooden glasses?

The wooden glasses are becoming more and more popular, and that’s not to displease us. The market is very dynamic, there is a lot of competition and the prices go from simple to triple.

It, therefore, becomes difficult to find one’s way around. To make the right choice, several criteria must be taken into account: the material, the shape, the color… Before buying wooden glasses on the Internet or from a traditional optician, you can consult our buying guide to find out how buy wooden glasses on the Internet. This guide will help you find the site that will meet your expectations.

Are you looking for a frame for men? On a site specializing in wooden items, you are bound to find something that will please you! If your tastes are more classic and the idea of ​​paying a lot doesn’t appeal to you too much, call on a professional who will be able to find the model suited to your face and your budget.

Sites specializing in trendy accessories often offer tempting offers, but beware of scams! To know if a site is reliable or not, it is generally enough to ask yourself three questions:

  • Does the site offer a guarantee?
  • Are the products authentic?
  • Are the rates affordable?

How to maintain your wooden glasses?

Wood is a natural and ecological material.

This is a good alternative to the plastic bezel, but be aware that the wood requires special care. To keep the wood look of your glasses in good condition, they need to be cleaned regularly. A damp cloth can be enough to wipe the glasses, the water does not degrade the natural material of the wood.

If you have wooden glasses that have lost their original color, this is often due to the passage of water on the lenses. A simple solution to remedy this is to apply a coat of shoe polish to the wood to revive its color. To retain all of its protective and aesthetic properties, remember to protect your frame with a small cover or another accessory suited to the style and comfort you are looking for.

Wooden glasses, a trendy fashion accessory

Wooden glasses, a trendy fashion accessory? Wooden eyeglasses are very fashionable nowadays. Made with noble and ecological material, wood is a renewable material whose production does not harm the environment. In addition, they are strong and durable, which makes it possible to create frames adapted to the needs of each person.

Know that if you are a wood lover you can also opt for a wooden bow tie but also to wear with elegance a wooden watch !

Wooden glasses, a trend made in the Vosges

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