Wild Restaurants you should visit at least once

Wild Restaurants you should visit at least once

Going out to eat is always a delight, but not every restaurant is made equal. Sure, you have your top local eateries, but this planet has a lot further to say on the topic of dining opportunities. Why remain at a dull old restaurant that you’ve visited a million times when you can experience something different; wild restaurants?

From dining in the dark to eating on a roller coaster these wild restaurants are sure to give you an experience you won’t forget. If you’re looking for something different the next time you go out to eat be sure to check out one of these unique places.

5 Top Wild Restaurants you must add to your list

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Have you ever eaten near to or inside a waterfall? If you haven’t already, you must visit the Philippines’ Labassin Waterfall restaurant. This unique restaurant allows you to have lunch or dinner in the midst of a waterfall.

This is a one-of-a-kind eatery that is located right next to a stunning waterfall. The restaurant located in the Villa Escudero Plantations & Resort serves real seafood on bamboo tables, it also serves up traditional Filipino fare and guests can enjoy their meal while taking in the natural beauty of the waterfall. The restaurant is only open during the day so be sure to plan your visit accordingly!

You may relax and enjoy the cool wind and soothing waterfall while eating some delectable cuisine. Leave your shoes at home and put your toes into the icy water. However, be aware that you may get drenched while eating, so bring a swimsuit.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

The iconic The Rock restaurant is located on Zanzibar’s southeast peninsula. This magnificent restaurant is one of the most unique places to eat in the world. The restaurant is built on a giant rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The views are incredible and the food is even better. It offers breathtaking views while serving fresh fish. This modest institution only has approximately 12 tables, but it’s well worth waiting.

The pristine beaches and sparkling blue seas draw visitors year after year, but The Rock restaurant is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. You may get to the restaurant via walking, swimming, or canoeing, depending on the tides. It’s also Instagrammable to the max!

If you’re looking for a truly once-in-a-lifetime dining experience this is the place for you.

The Modern Toilet, Taiwan

While you may be perplexed as to why their restaurant name is associated with a toilet, the meal does not taste like s**t. The Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan, is a chain of restaurants in Taiwan that specializes in toilet-themed food and decor. The restaurant’s menu features dishes such as “toilet bowl chicken soup” and “chocolate ice cream in a urinal-shaped cup”. The restaurant’s decor is designed to resemble a public restroom with urinals and toilets used as decoration.

The Modern Toilet Taiwan has been featured in various international media outlets and has been described as both “bizarre” and “unique”. It offers a unique eating experience that you won’t find anyplace else on the planet. Toilet bowl dishes are designed like toilet bowls and are hung on stucco walls.

They even offer chocolate ice cream in the form of… yeah, you get the idea. Even though some people may be put off by the prospect of dining in a toilet, the cuisine is delicious, and you can snap a lot of crazy photos.

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant, Italy

Have you ever wished to spend your holiday eating in a maximum-security prison? This is your moment to shine! The Fortezza Medicea restaurant in Volterra, Italy, is a Golden age castle that also serves as a maximum-security jail for offenders sentenced to at least seven years in prison. Individuals were allowed to work as waiters, cooks, and servers at the restaurant, which opened in 2006.

The restaurant has a program of dinners and activities from September to June annually. Those who intend to visit must make a reservation ahead. You must also undergo a background check, walk through multiple inspections, and refrain from bringing a smartphone or luggage with you. For the fact, it’s still a jail.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The Maldives, with its sparkling blue oceans and white sand beaches, is on everyone’s travel list. There are many fantastic eateries to choose from in addition to resting on this paradise island. You can’t afford to miss the Ithaa Undersea restaurant especially since you get to dine with the fish!

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant located 16 feet below the surface of a lagoon in the Maldives. The restaurant offers 180-degree panoramic views of the vibrant marine life swimming around it. Ithaa serves a contemporary European menu with Maldivian influences and has won numerous awards since its opening in 2005.

To access this underwater restaurant with magnificent coral garden views and outstanding cuisine, descend 5 meters underneath the ocean’s surface. Don’t panic, no scuba diving is necessary because the restaurant is accessible by a spiral stairway located above the sea.


3 reasons why you should start adding wild restaurants to your bucket list:

  1. To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life head to one of these wild restaurants where you can enjoy the fresh air and stunning views while you eat.
  2. These establishments are usually located in scenic areas such as near waterfalls in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain so you can take in some incredible natural scenery while you dine.
  3. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, many of these restaurants also offer unique cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience be sure to check out one of these wild restaurants.