Why opt for this application?

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Why use the Linxo app?

There is an app to manage one or more bank accounts at the same time, from his mobile. This is Linxo. Indeed, Linxo is an interface providing its customers with all the information relating to their bank accounts, in addition to offering them several very useful features relating to their expenses and their finance.

Want to learn more about I’Linxo bank management application? In that case, read our article below.

What is the Linxo app?

There are various software programs that can manage bank accounts on the computer but¬†today there are quite a few applications that allow you to consolidate all of an individual’s bank accounts and offer all the features offered by Linxo.

Indeed, even if all the banks have their own applications, they offer very few functionalities, such as checking the balance present in the account and the possibility of carrying out certain operations. Linxo is a full service that offers the possibility of controlling all the inflows and outflows of money from your various accounts. This is done by giving a name to all the operations so that you can do your accounts easily on a highly organized interface.

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You also have the option of setting a budget for a given project. The app will take care of creating a schedule so that you can realize it as soon as possible. You can also refer to Linxo so that you don’t end up short at the end of the month.

Today, Linxo is a successful application, which has several million users who consult their data daily on the interface. This is a completely free app available on iOS and Android. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download it.

There is however on Linxo, a paid offer offering more advanced features. These features allow the customer to perform all operations relating to their bank accounts, all in a single application.

What are the benefits of a Linxo app customer?

The Linxo app has had great success. This is due to a number of notable advantages:

  • The application is in partnership with several banks;
  • It is a bank account aggregator;
  • It helps to control expenses;
  • It allows credit management.

Several French banks are now in partnership with the Linxo app and therefore allow the management of their bank accounts through this interface. In addition to giving the possibility of managing several accounts at the same time, functionalities that are not available on the other bank applications apply to the different accounts.

Thanks to the application algorithm, you can check the status of your expenses according to your balance and the budget allocated to each project mentioned on the application. You can thus categorize your money and subdivide it (health category, leisure category, etc.).

How secure is the Linxo app?

The Linxo app has infallible security, recognized throughout the territory of the European Union. This has earned her several certifications and licenses that she is the only one to possess in France. Thus, the Linxo interface is approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), which earned its ISO 27001 certification. It is this security that has enabled the app to create links with as many banking establishments.

Customers of the interface are also very satisfied with the level of security offered by the application and with all the barriers necessary to carry out operations relating to the management of their bank accounts.

Now you know a little more about the Linxo bank management application.

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