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What are the benefits of traveling solo?

A group trip, with family or friends can be very pleasant. However, traveling alone remains a truly enriching experience that will undoubtedly mark you for life.

It is an adventure that will allow you to open up to a new culture of the city you are visiting as well as its history. Leaving for holidays being accompanied generally encourages you to stay only with people you know and not to go to people. But what are the best destinations to go on holiday alone? Find all our advice in the following.

What are the benefits of going on a solo vacation?

Traveling alone to a foreign country and to a distant destination to find yourself in an unknown city will allow you to know yourself better in order to grow. Nothing like a solo or single vacation to overcome your fear and insecurities. Once you have overcome this fear of the unknown, you will discover within yourself a new strength, courage and thirst for adventure.

For example, you can embark on a North Sea cruise to discover the unspoiled coasts of Ireland, the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland or the chilling beauty of Iceland. Travel alone will allow you to put your daily worries into perspective and take a step back by spending time alone with yourself! One principle is to have fun and take advantage of all the great discoveries the world has to offer.

You can also make a real work on your own soul and become a better person, by confronting the aspects of your personality that you wish to change.

What could be better than opening yourself up to your own creativity. Go on a trip alone will therefore allow you to refocus on the essentials by disconnecting yourself from the world, in order to better reveal yourself. All you have to do is choose one of the flights offered and set off on an adventure!

solo trip
solo trip

What is the best destination for solo travelers?

We have established for you the top 8 of best destinations for solo travelers. This new ranking takes into account not only the safety in the country to be visited, but also other factors, such as the cost of public transport, the weather, the cost of hotel stay, rainfall, the quality of hostels , restaurants, attractions, bars and group activities.

Iceland tops the list of best destinations for a solo trip. The country offers various possibilities for outdoor activities with its:

  • Glaciers;
  • caves;
  • Volcanoes, etc.

In second place, we find Malta, a country acclaimed for its rich history, its many bars and restaurants, as well as for its pleasant climate. Then comes Portugal in third position, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, the friendliness of its premises and its security. Here is the list of countries:

  • Iceland;
  • Malta;
  • Portugal ;
  • Croatia ;
  • Spain;
  • Belize;
  • Montenegro;
  • Japan.

Tips for traveling alone on a small budget

Anyone traveling on a budget knows the youth hostels. Although their name suggests that it would be a place for young backpackers, they are not limited to this age group only. What could be better than spending your nights in a foreign city at a lower cost?

In addition to generally costing less than hotels, this type of accommodation also allows access to certain services and amenities while meeting new people and sharing the journey together. In a hotel, the lack of common spaces means that you are often confined to your room alone. The youth hostels offer dormitory rooms, perfect for traveling alone. In this way, you will be able to have unforgettable conversations during your nights with your new acquaintances.

You will share your room with several others travelers from all over the world. Since you will share the same space, the moments of exchange as well as the contacts will be quite easy. In addition, the common areas such as the living room, the kitchen and sometimes even the bar, allow you to socialize with new travelers.

When you travel alone, people will easily dare to approach you and include you in their groups. When the contact is created and there are affinities that are created, why not plan the rest of his stay with them? One thing is certain, your nights will be less lonely!

Who can travel alone?

Solo trips are popular with single people who have decided to lead this lifestyle, but know that they are not reserved for them alone. A study of 25 countries on travel intentions and published in the New York Times found that in 2013, 9% of vacationers traveled alone.

In 2014, this trend increased significantly to a percentage of 24%, then climbed to 37% in 2015 when people traveling for the first time in their life did so unaccompanied. More and more people are opting for solo travel, it is, in fact, no longer an adventure that stops only hardened singles. Although, according to statistics, most of these vacationers are divorced or single between the ages of 30 and 60, 20% of them are in a couple or even married.

Thereby, the trips alone remain an experience open to anyone, all age groups are therefore concerned. All you have to do is make your decision and get started to live an extraordinary experience.

What means of payment should be provided for a solo travel destination?

It is well known that without money, traveling will not be easy! It is for this reason that preparing your means of payment and its backup options is an essential task to be serene during your solo trip. How to proceed? First of all, choose your bank carefully, preferably the one where you will benefit from the lowest bank fees. Also check if your bank blocks withdrawals and payments made in certain countries.

You should always have a second backup credit card in your pocket in case the first one is lost or stolen. Nowadays there are many alternatives for reduction of bank charges like Revolut, a startup that will give you a physical payment card that you can use anywhere in the world and top up from the app.

In summary, find out how to pay less bank charges, take a second emergency credit card with you, cash for the unexpected, and new ways to help you reduce bank charges even more. A good preparation will certainly allow you to sleep peacefully during your nights.

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