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souvenir de voyage
Some travel souvenir ideas

Whether you are travelers to France New York, Germany, China, Portugal, Seychelles, Cuba, Canada or even for a trip around the world, nothing is more normal than wanting to return with suitcases filled with pretty authentic gifts that bear witness to your adventure!

The sentimental travelers and shopaholics may even say that it is as pleasant as discovering a new place. Bringing home a gift from your destination is like bringing home a reminder of the wonderful times you’ve had.

Making your family happy is priceless! But what can you bring back to them that is unique and original from your trip in order to break habits? Discover all our ideas and tips in this article!

DIY travel souvenir ideas for less

Photos, accessories, postcards, chocolate… No matter which country you visit, there will always be a souvenir idea to bring back from the trip in order to remind you of your vacation. If you go hiking, you can pick up a pine cone, pebbles with original shapes, or even a pretty branch.

All you have to do is paint them, then note where you took them from. When you see this object in your house a few years later, you will remember all the moments of the trip.

Similarly, why not pick the flowers in the fields and create a herb garden. An original, homemade decor will undoubtedly remind you of moments of relaxation in the countryside.

A sandy beach? Collect sand in a container, which you can then place at the bottom of a candle or in a pretty jar that you will keep on the shelf with that of the other beaches you have visited. A collection that will grow over time to share good memories.

The holiday memories allow us to remember those moments when time no longer mattered and we could enjoy ourselves. So, do not hesitate to make souvenirs of all kinds, to remember your best moments.

travel souvenir
travel souvenir

Natural elements as travel gifts

Sometimes the best keepsake gift is the one you bring back from the lands you visit, such as:

  • The sand of the beach;
  • The pebbles ;
  • The pebbles you collect on your journey.

These are often available in beautiful jars or glass bottles in local markets. You can add a small note or a label to indicate the origin of this small natural memory.

But before collecting such memorabilia, ask locals what you can and cannot collect. Bringing shells and corals from the beach is prohibited in certain areas, and often, picking flowers and plants is prohibited.

During your return from abroad is also important to ensure that the item can be cleared through customs.

What to bring to a man as a travel souvenir gift?

Find some ideas below. travel souvenirs to bring back to a man with a small budget.

Candies or chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy? No matter the country, you will always find local delicacies to report. These are nice gifts. Tastes vary a lot depending on the country, your friends or relatives will only be satisfied!

A lighter

A lighter is a very interesting gift idea. If it is original and the color of the country, then the gift will be even more interesting!

A guidebook

It’s probably a classic. However, a book as a local geographical guide is an excellent souvenir to bring for a man, especially if he plans to visit this place in the future. And even if it is not planned right away, he will certainly appreciate this article!

Most local guidebooks contain information and advice that you cannot find online. You can also add your own feelings and experiences to receive unique gifts and personalized ones.

A Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt

With approximately 180 restaurants in more than 70 countries, it is one of the restaurant chains the best known in the world. Also featuring a punchy logo and huge guitar in front of each restaurant, this world famous restaurant brand is recognizable to almost anyone.

A decoration idea to display your travel memories

As travel addicts, do you come back from a world Tour Suitcases full of lovely memories? We are here to provide you with the best decoration ideas so that you can display all your finds and feel like you are on vacation at home all year round!

Create a cabinet of curiosities

You can use the dresser top in your bedroom or living room to create a nice decor, putting all your travel items. Glass bells can hold your memories on their top. They will thus shine and will be protected from dust! It is also possible to expose all your photos and memories for maximum aesthetics.

Make a wall of paintings and objects

It’s the perfect thing to do at home! If you’re wondering what to do with the large wall behind the living room, look no further! Hanging photos, maps and posters from any trip you’ve been on can create a really beautiful wall to add style and a unique feeling inside you.

A box of secrets

You can use a beautiful box with multiple drawers to store all your travel souvenirs as :

  • The accessories ;
  • Photos ;
  • The stones ;
  • Jewelry ;
  • Seashells;
  • Pebbles, etc.

It will make her a true idea of the treasure box’s low budget! You can then leave drawers open in order to display them just like in a museum. Very handy as an idea!

Exhibit all the photos of his travels

There’s no best travel memory only photos taken during his stay. Hang these photos from a tree branch to show them off. Nothing more simple and elegant! Guaranteed effect!

Vintage camera to highlight your collection

What’s better than a vintage camera? If you have a passion for antiques, you can take an old vintage camera from your trip or a basket, then put them on display by hanging them on the wall or simply collecting them on a shelf. This will create a very nice effect!

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