Unpleasant Airline Travelers We Wish We Never Have a Flight with

We can all agree that traveling is stressful in and of itself. We don’t need anyone or anything to exacerbate an already stressful situation. However, We occasionally have no control over what occurs when we are traveling. For example, if a train is canceled or a flight is delayed, there are organizations available in place, where we can gladly file complaints and perhaps even request a refund. But, there is practically nothing you can do but endure it when a passenger behaves badly or acts out while you are traveling. This occurs so frequently that a community on Instagram called “Passenger Shaming” shares horrific scenarios brought on by unkind passengers. There are tales of people putting frozen chicken wings through security or creaming kids. Come on board and let’s explore some of these terrifying travel experiences.

Mowgli of The Airport

We are aware that raising kids can be challenging at times. When you’re traveling, they often make a scene and complicate everything. But to be really honest, we’re not sure if what this kid is doing should make us proud or ashamed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The fact that this young person was able to ascend the beam that far is very astounding. Imagine his upper body strength when there are no notch supports for him to cling to! Most men can only wish to be capable of doing that.

Dehydrating socks

We have no idea what occurred during this journey to cause the man to hang his worn-out socks from the window of the airplane. Perhaps he wanted to dry them out after unintentionally getting them wet in the bathroom?

Dehydrating socks during a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We don’t see the need to do this because, if you’re in a pinch, we’re pretty sure most planes will provide you socks. It’s just a good thing it was daytime for this guy. But even then, we’re not sure his socks would have ever dried because the cabin is often icy.

Awaken me

When you are sleeping on a flight, the flight attendant will frequently skip you when providing the meals, snacks, and beverages. They do this out of politeness because they believe you need the rest more than what they are providing. However, this means that you will miss meals and wake up hungry.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

In fact, the woman is quite clever to wear this tag. She could have positioned it a little bit better than on her travel pillow. However, the stewards at least now are aware that she doesn’t mind being awakened.

In-flight makeup application

Sometimes, as soon as your flight lands, you have to head straight to an event. In situations like this, you often have the appropriate clothing on the airplane. You might even apply makeup before leaving. But wearing falsies high up while flying in the air is a little bit difficult.

makeup application during the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Yes, you would require help if you wanted to avoid harming yourself. Isn’t this why we have best friends? They are always there at precisely the correct time to help you appear stunning when you walk out of the plane.

A strong desire to lie down

Insufficient legroom and straight-backed passenger seats on flights are enough to cause severe muscle cramps across your entire body. Sometimes you want to recline, but because you’re a kind person, you don’t want to make the person behind you uncomfortable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

It seems like this man knows what he’s doing. It was probably okay as long as this occurred when the seatbelt indicator was off. Additionally, he could have just sat back all the way as no one is occupying the seat behind him.

Passing Time

On exceptionally lengthy flights, people pass the time by doing a variety of things to amuse themselves. Some people bring a book to read, while others try to use their laptop for a little work. The purpose of the onboard entertainment systems is to keep passengers entertained.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The in-flight entertainment concept is different for this individual. Is he inking a stick-and-poke design there? If that’s the case, we’re just curious as to how he got it past security. It’s incredible what he was able to do before the plane landed, and this is undoubtedly a unique way to pass the time.

DIY hammock

On flights, there isn’t a lot of legroom available. Leg cramps are inevitable, even if you are sitting in the first row. When the seatbelt indicator is off, some people use this as an opportunity to go along the aisles. And some choose to do this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This would probably be a brilliant idea in any other situation. But what makes this situation so hazardous is that this person’s legs are currently blocking the emergency escape. This must pose a risk to safety. If necessary, the flight attendant won’t be able to use this door.

Mask on the Eyes?

The masking requirement makes it mandatory for passengers to wear masks when flying. It’s a preventative measure to reduce the spread of any virus infections. But what if the individual who is closest to the window won’t close it and you need to get some rest?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

He finds a workaround by using his mask as an eye mask. He doesn’t care that it’s not the healthiest course of action. He runs the danger of becoming sick by doing this. Additionally, he runs the danger of infecting others with the virus. He might have just requested an additional eye mask.

Monkey on the Air

Pets are authorized to be present on flights. They just need to be tallied. This is for those who might require emotional support animals. Therefore, it is most certainly not unusual, and as long as these creatures behave, everything is generally okay.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

However, this monkey is misbehaving. You are witnessing a monkey on an aircraft, that’s right! He is messing with the ceiling lights. Perhaps he is attempting to contact a flight attendant to get a banana or some peanuts. This monkey has to be contained by whoever brought it.

Abandoned toilet

Nothing is worse than using the bathroom on an airplane. It’s the greatest nightmare for everyone who is claustrophobic. There is little or no space, you have limited mobility, and for some reason, the toilet paper keeps running out. However, none have ever been in on like this one.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Is this the fault of a single passenger, or did the rubbish build up over time with no one from the cabin crew bothered to clear it up? It appears as if a fight started in the toilet. Maybe this is have something to do with the monkey we saw before.

Need a stretch badly

If this series of stories have taught us anything, it’s that passengers often come up with ingenious methods to stretch out during flights. Stretching has been observed as normal in the aisle and in the open seats next to you. But this is a novel approach.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

To be able to extend her legs so far, this woman must be sitting quite low. This can’t possibly be secure for her. She can’t possibly be wearing a seatbelt in this setting. She would be thrown out of her seat in the event of turbulence!

This poor boy

The old lady we just saw with her attitude of raised legs. Another person was sprawled out on the floor. Someone else was lounging in an unofficial hammock. Now, this individual decided to violate the privacy of others by placing their legs on the seat in front of them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The toes protruding from the edge of this child’s seat are not amusing. He nearly begs his parents to allow him to exchange places or to tell the individual to stop stretching. Poor child. He only wants some quiet time to watch his cartoons!

Violent littering

The absolute worst item on this list is this. The cabin crew may periodically stroll around the cabin on long flights to collect any rubbish, but you must give it to them. This guy makes no effort at all.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The ground in front of him appears to be a dump! It’s repulsive. What’s so difficult about giving trash in trash bags to the flight attendants? They really do it as part of their employment. There is no justification at all for the mess on your floor.

A complete seafood buffet

This picture nearly doesn’t seem genuine. Although it doesn’t seem possible that this could occur on a flight, it appears that it did. On the aircraft, these folks are feasting profusely on seafood! Check out all those lobsters!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

How on earth was this let on the flight? Just the two trays of food would have made the entire cabin smell bad. The inconvenience of having to sit through it must have been felt by the other passengers. Additionally, how did they first get on the plane?


One man has already been observed drying his socks on the glass of the airplane. Another unsettling traveler now demonstrates a different method for drying socks on a plane: the overhead air vents. We are unsure of which approach is the worst.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

If the socks were wet, drying them with the air vents would just spread the odor around the room! Nobody wants the smell of sweaty feet to fill the entire cabin. Any day, we’d prefer the scent of seafood to stinky feet on an aircraft.

Block of frozen chicken wings

The guidelines for taking raw food on a flight are unclear to us. Even if it is permitted, we are confident that you must store it in an airtight Tupperware at the very least. However, this passenger does not agree that it is essential.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

First of all, these wings are now frozen, but they won’t stay that way for long. Second, who would want to consume these wings knowing that they went through airport security and were placed on surfaces that had been touched by several filthy bags and rolling suitcases?

Unplanned nail salon

Do you recall the females doing their cosmetics on the plane? And the one who tattooed himself during landing? It appears that the lady fits well with that group. She is doing her nails here.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

She appears to be applying press-on gel nails. After she lands, we assume she will also be attending an event. This is perfectly acceptable and in no way something to be ashamed of. We do admire her commitment!

Very sloppy

This is why you should start using antibacterial wipes to clean everything that is close to your flight seat. People are not behaving well when treating airplanes as their own homes. Just observe how this person is using their toes to operate their device.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This individual may be able to buy a flight, but that doesn’t ensure they will behave appropriately once they are on board. They appear to be rather vulgar with one foot on the wall and the other manipulating the touch screen. It’s quite disturbing! Why is using your hand while sitting up so difficult?

Massage for the feet

On lengthy flights, cramps are unavoidable, and when they hit, you have to do what you’ve had to do, which may include having the person in front of you massage your foot. In all honesty, this is absolutely OK as long as you know the person in front of you.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We’d like to think that this woman is somehow linked to this gentleman. We doubt that any sane individual would feel at ease massaging the feet of a stranger on an airplane! But for this guy, it works.

Stealing food

The food on airplanes is often of poor quality, and occasionally you find yourself craving more after you’ve done. Even though the tray often includes an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert, there are instances when it simply isn’t enough. So what can you probably do if you still need some food?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The right response would be to signal a flight crew and request snacks or a different meal because there could be one left over. But this youngster had a better thought. Why let the guy behind him throw away the fruits he didn’t finish while he may still use them?

Selfish passengers

During the pandemic, traveling is more stressful than usual. People are continually concerned that traveling may increase their chances of contracting covid. As respectful people, the least we can do is show consideration for others.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Don’t board an aircraft if you’re feeling sick or having symptoms. Do not leave the house if you have COVID! These people’s own selfishness is endangering a great number of lives. What’s so difficult about being isolated at home for a few days until you’re allowed to leave?

Short girl advantages

Many people dream about being taller or gaining more height, yet on flights, being shorter might occasionally be preferable. Shorter folks have far more room for their legs and can spread them out like this if necessary.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

On the other hand, taller people often need the aisle seat, which prevents them from sleeping with their heads resting against the window. They would be unable to stretch out in this manner because they have far less leg room.

Peeling Carelessly

Airlines do a good job of making sure you have all the amenities you need, including food, beverages, snacks, blankets, safety gear, and entertainment. The only things you actually need to carry on board are yourself and your luggage.

Peeling Carelessly in a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We assume that this lady doesn’t find the services offered by the airline sufficient. She brought a whole ear of corn, and started peeling it in flight! What she did with it after that is unknown. Maybe she eats it uncooked?

Refuse to be separated during the flight

Do you know those honeymooning couples that just can’t keep their hands and eyes off one another? They most likely experience this if they become separated during a flight. They manage to remain in one other’s personal space.

Refuse to be separated during the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Both parties will likely find this to be great. While still having her partner partially cuddle her, she can extend her legs. Additionally, the guy gets to somewhat embrace his lover. But, everyone else on the plane who has to witness this is in a disadvantageous position.

Gigantic boarding pass

Until we read the history of that, we had trouble understanding how odd this image is. Apparently, his buddies printed out his boarding pass in this size as a prank when he was traveling to his bachelor celebration in Prague.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Isn’t getting completely wasted and embarrassing the groom to some extent the whole goal of a bachelor party? This boarding pass is probably only the start of a slew of practical jokes that these folks have in mind.

So many things happening

In this image, there are a lot of different things happening. Let’s start by discussing the improvised eye mask this person is wearing. He appears to have covered his eyes with his boarding cards to block out the sunlight, but having paper stuck to your face is maybe not that pleasant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Does anyone else notice the other person, likely his wife, resting on top of him? He has his arm about her and his legs crossed over hers. Nobody can possibly be at ease in this condition.

Flight grooming

On flights, people of both genders engage in self-care and beauty rituals. On an airplane, men can groom themselves as well. Still not convinced? Watch the man shaving his own head in first class.

Flight grooming
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Undoubtedly a first. We hope he has a newspaper or a plastic bag down there for all the hair that has been shaved to fall into. If not, the unfortunate cabin workers would need to remove all that hair off the carpet! That is basically impossible.

Boredom in the flight

Long flights may get very monotonous. Either you attempt to discover methods to amuse yourself, or you waver between sleep and wakefulness. Children might find flights to be very boring due to their short attention spans and insatiable curiosity.

kid bored in the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

All children want to do is run around, but it is obviously impossible to do when traveling by plane. This child did it by standing up on the table, which is equally dangerous as running on a plane. What made the parents consent to this?

Just gloves; no shoes

Have you ever witnessed something so strange that you couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be horrified? You will undoubtedly feel that way after you view the following picture. On airplanes, people frequently take off their shoes, yet…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The gloves, why? Did the woman really believe that this was more hygienic than walking barefoot on the carpet? Where are her shoes? Who in their right mind would enter a toilet on an airplane barefoot? So many inquiries!

Wanting more privacy

When you’re on a plane, your seatmates can see everything you do. They can observe you when you eat, sleep, or cry during a movie. A little bit of privacy is usually helpful, but on an airplane, it just doesn’t exist.

Wanting more privacy in the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Of course, some people are creative and can shield themselves from prying eyes when necessary. To be able to live in peace on the plane, this traveler hung blankets on both sides of his seat. It’s truly a brilliant strategy!

Airing out a shoe

The only thing worse than someone using the overhead vents to air out their sweaty socks is someone using them to air out their foul-smelling shoes. We must once more investigate why these individuals believe it is OK to do so.

Airing out a shoe during the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

First of all, why did you need to dry your sneaker there? Second of all, taking off your shoes already makes the cabin smell bad, so you really don’t have to make everyone smell more of that by aring it!

Baby’s time for bed

On flights, kids can have problems falling asleep and becoming restless. However, they need to rest frequently, especially during lengthy travels. Some parents allow their children to nap on their laps, while others turn the empty seat next to them into a bed.

Baby sleeping in a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This woman does not treat her child well by allowing him to sleep on the floor. It is dangerous, the kid isn’t strapped in, and they will undoubtedly get in the way of the flight attendants.

Real-world personal bubble

Perhaps it’s time to make an investment in one of these if you’re afraid to fly but yet need to get someplace during these difficult times. Although we’re not sure what it’s called, we do know that it could lower the danger of contagion.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We don’t know why this image was included on the Passenger Shaming Instagram Feed. The only goal of this individual is to travel securely. Although this approach is a bit less visually beautiful and unusual, it is still quite safe.

Cover herself with a Trash bag

This lady is undoubtedly attempting to travel safely in these difficult circumstances, just like the woman before her. She simply lacked the same resources, so she had to make up for that by using a big translucent garbage bag.

Cover herself with a Trash bag during a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Making all efforts to conceal herself. We just hope that she is able to breathe because it appears like there isn’t much circulation there, especially if she is wearing a mask. We hope she doesn’t doze off since it would be really risky!

Relaxing promenade

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to cross a plane’s wing? Have you ever found yourself wishing you were outside when looking out a window? This lady, however, felt the need to go for a walk.

promenade in the airplane wing before the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This lady apparently chose to go for a stroll on the wings just before takeoff because the plane was delayed. We were unaware that this was an option, and we don’t see why anybody else seized the opportunity!

Sewing time

On flights, we’ve seen folks apply cosmetics, paint their nails, and even get tattoos. Get prepared to witness people sewing from now on. We’re also not referring to knitting or the conventional manual needle and thread approach. We’re referring to a sewing machine in its whole.

sewing during a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

On the plane, this lady really carried a sewing machine. We don’t know how the large object got past security. Additionally, we’re unsure of how they’re running it without power. But it appears like they are creating a shirt for themselves. It’s just too strange to even react to this!

Just a shrimp leak

You did read that correctly. This guy was assaulted by a shrimp bag that leaked in an airplane cabin overhead compartment (We think the shrimp were frozen). To properly comprehend the problem, read the entire post.

shrimp leak during a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Why would someone want to take a cooler bag of prawns on a flight? Will they not be able to find any shrimps where they are going? Are they unique shrimps that they can only be found here? Why must they cause trouble for others?

Cat Kid

You may assume from this picture that the woman is nursing her young child. However, that is not the case. She has a cat! And this one is amusing itself by sitting in its own chair and looking at stuff on an iPad.

hand feeding a cat during a flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming


The cat is also being hand-fed by this woman! She must truly adore this cat to treat it more like a child than a pet. The cat, however, is completely unaware of what is happening and is unable to recognize that she is being hand-fed while in flight.

Absolute benchmark

When traveling with someone, the experience is far less stressful. It could also be a test of how well you get along with that one. Traveling’s stresses might wear on a relationship and put a strain on it, but not for this pair.

guy stood the whole flight so his wife can sleep
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This is real love! It’s king conduct for a man to remain upright for the duration of a six-hour journey simply so his wife might stretch out and sleep. We adore seeing it! What a kind and generous man! Note boys.

Pushed out

Particularly when it comes to takeoff and landing, airlines apply stringent regulations and procedures. The least we can do is obey orders since the ground staff and cabin crew has worked so hard to assure the safety and security of every passenger.

Pushed out of the flight
Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Why is it so challenging to put your phone down for fifteen minutes while the plane takes off? What is this extra important thing that let this man feel the need to defy rules and endanger other passengers? The flight attendant made it clear that she will not agree to that. In the end, she nailed it.

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