Top Moving Tips For Seniors In 2022: To Lower Moving Costs

Top Moving Tips For Seniors In 2022: To Lower Moving Costs

Moving to a new house may be thrilling, but it is also generally a stressful and costly endeavor. While these dynamics apply to everyone, including seniors, seniors have unique opportunities to save money on their relocation that younger families do not.

Many older citizens who relocate do so after retirement and become “empty nesters”. This means they don’t have to, and frequently can’t, transfer all of their stuff from their present house, which is often considerably larger than the new one. Because they have fewer goods to transport, this automatically lowers the cost of their relocation. Downsizing is the process of lowering the number of goods you possess, and it’s the most effective approach to cut moving costs, as we’ll see below.

Seniors also have a lot more flexibility when it comes to moving, especially in terms of scheduling. By utilizing this flexibility, it is also possible to reduce costs. Then, simply by virtue of their age, they are entitled to certain offers and discounts if they seek them out and take advantage of them. We have below listed for you:

The top recommendations for seniors in 2022 are to reduce their relocation costs


As previously said, this is likely the single most important aspect in lowering moving costs. Simply said, the fewer items you have to transport, the cheaper your moving costs will be. This is also a physical necessity for seniors, as they will most likely be relocating into smaller houses. By reducing drastically, it may be feasible to avoid hiring a moving company entirely and complete the move yourself, as indicated in some of the following recommendations.

Downsizing Tips:

  • Remove as many heavy objects as possible because most moving charges are calculated primarily on weight. Remove objects such as superfluous winter clothes, unwanted athletic and leisure equipment, appliances, big wooden furniture, outdoor furniture, equipment, tools, and especially books.
  • Buying new cookware, appliances, and other items at your new address is generally less expensive than moving your old ones.
  • If you’re renting a new house, look for one that comes fully equipped, including appliances.
  • Retain objects you wish to keep but don’t use very often in your present location.

Packing by Oneself

You will have a modest number of items to pack if you downsize significantly. The cost of having a moving company pack your belongings is one of the most significant moving expenditures. U-Haul, for example, sells a wide range of moving goods, including those all-important moving boxes. They even provide self-help manuals to help you through this. So, save money by doing it yourself.

Moving on your own

Many seniors may find this frightening and impracticable, but if you have done a good job reducing it, it is achievable and will save you money. Here are some ideas about how to go about it:

  • If you’re driving yourself and your car to your new house, try to fit as much as possible into the car and consider renting and using a one-way moving trailer.
  • Consider hiring a compact one-way moving truck if you are not bringing a car with you and a strong driver. Young individuals are easily hired at a reasonable price to assist with loading and unloading.
  • Use UPS ground or USPS parcel service to ship as many of your moving boxes as feasible. You may ship a large number of boxes for a low price if you are willing to wait for a longer delivery period.
  • Hire a moving company that will provide you with a truck container to load and unload yourself. They will normally offer you many days to load and unload, which will save you money over using a standard moving truck service.

Take a look around

If you want or need to move using a standard moving truck business, you need to do your research thoroughly and thoroughly.

  • Only hire movers with an excellent track record, references, and reviews.
  • They should be legally licensed and insured, and their workers should be completely bonded, in order to protect yourself from theft or danger.
  • Obtain a number of quotes, each of which should be completed by a respectable estimator who visits your existing residence. Estimates obtained just over the phone or over the internet should be avoided.
  • Keep in mind to always bargain for the best price as the moving industry is quite competitive.


Senior discounts, like AARP member discounts, are offered by most major moving firms. However, the only way to ensure that you receive such reductions is to request them in advance. In addition, the time of your purchase might have an impact on your pricing. For example, you may normally save money by moving during the off-season, such as the fall and spring. The same is true if you ask the moving company to postpone your delivery so that they may transport extra families on their route to your new house. As previously said, the more flexible you are, the more money you will be able to save.

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