The Orange Bank application: know all the details

Tout connaître sur l'application Orange Bank
Everything you need to know about the Orange Bank app

Launched in 2017 by Orange and Groupama, Orange Bank is a very successful online banking application. It is simple and effective with many advantages. Orange Bank offers various banking services and functionalities through an easy-to-use mobile application. It also offers three different offers of bank cards as well as other services such as savings, insurance and bank credit.

Find, in this article, all the details related to the operation of this application as well as the different offers offered.

Description of the Orange Bank app

Currently there are different ways touse the Orange Bank app. Indeed, it is available on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Orange Bank created its application with the aim of improving the use of its services and providing a practical tool that can be used easily on a daily basis. Orange Bank supports mobile payment (Apple Pay or Google Pay). It is even possible to use them on the application before having received your bank card.

This online bank also offers a design characterized by bright colors and a well-thought-out design. You have a statement of your account balance as soon as you open the app as well as a banner at the bottom that allows you to access other features.

Everything you need to know about the Orange Bank app
Everything you need to know about the Orange Bank app

In the client’s opinion, this application is highly recommended by people who use it. It was even voted the best banking application in 2022, thanks to its 92.2% customer satisfaction.

Orange Bank app offers

As we said earlier, Orange Bank offers three different offers:

  • The free credit card offers;
  • The premium bank card offer;
  • The premium pack offer.

The first offer of a regular bank card offers you the possibility of benefiting from a free MasterCard with immediate debit without any account maintenance fees. It also offers you free insurance on means of payment in the event of theft or loss.

L’premium’s offer is €4.99 per month. This allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of the MasterCard with immediate debit, including the Orange cashback service, access to Djingo customer service, and the availability of a virtual advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This offer is perfect for travelers since it offers them payment and withdrawal methods free of charge, anywhere in the world.

The third offer, it is the premium pack, available at €9.99 per month for a six-month subscription. Then, the price will increase to €12.99 per month. The particularity of this offer is that it includes a banking offer for parents and children at the same time. In both cases, the advantages are different.

For parents, the offer includes:

  • A premium MasterCard bank card;
  • A bank account ;
  • A mobile application with parental control.

For children under 17 and over 10, the pack offers a Mastercard Plus for each child, a bank account as well as a mobile app to manage pocket money. The Pack also includes several insurances and guarantees, such as travel insurance and purchase protection insurance.

How to use the Orange Bank app?

It is particularly easy for to you register with Orange Bank. You can do it in an Orange store or directly online, without having to travel. It only takes a few minutes and will cost you absolutely nothing. You will even receive a welcome bonus of €50 for your first registration.

To connect to the Orange Bank application, you must first download it. Thereafter, you will have to enter the identifier that will have been provided to you by email when opening your account. Next, an Activation code will be sent to you by SMS. You will have to enter it and personalize a six-digit access code.

Once all this is done, you will be able to manage your account directly from your smartphone. To connect regularly, it is always necessary to bring you Orange Bank ID as well as the access code that you have determined. It is even possible to use fingerprint or facial recognition by activating these features in the application settings. Don’t worry if your phone doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, as you can still use the access code to connect you.

The other advantages and features of the Orange Bank application

You have many advantages by registering with Orange Bank. Online banking offers its Orange Bank passbook which gives you access to cash at any time. In addition, there is no cap limiting the payment. The booklet is currently remunerated at the gross annual rate of 0.3%.

The bank also offers a Personal loan ranging from €500 to €75,000 to finance a car, work, or personal projects. As for the Orange visa card, it allows you to choose free complementary insurance, etc.

These are the advantages of this online bank. As for the functionalities, they are just as varied and allow you to perform several operations on the Orange Bank application. Indeed, it is possible to configure everything on the app. You can temporarily block your card, customize the secret code at will or activate payments directly online.

The Orange Bank application also allows you to view all your expenses and manage your amounts with just one click. It provides you with graphs that represent the statistics of your expenses, which is perfect for better guiding your budget. This concerns all categories of expenses, which will make your life easier.

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