The N26 application: why download it?

Pourquoi et comment télécharger l'application N26 ?
Why and how to download the N26 application?

Based in Berlin, the N26 is a 100% mobile neobank which offers loans and current accounts for auto-entrepreneurs and individuals. It is also present in more than 17 countries. Opening an account in this bank is done from its mobile application and the management of the account is done from this application or from the official website of the bank. Want to know more about N26 online banking ? We explain its offers, its features and the interest of downloading it.

What is the N26 app?

N26 Bank is a German start-up founded in 2013. It is one of the partners of Wirecard bank. Thanks to its free offer and its experience, it has won over thousands of customers. The N26 bank has created its own mobile application whose registration is totally free and does not require a lot of documents. In a few minutes, you will have your own N26 bank account. Moreover, a few days after your registration, you will receive your credit card. All done from your smartphone.

To be able to access N26 bank appit’s necessary :

  • Whether you are of legal age;
  • Whether you have a smartphone compatible with the application;
  • Whether you live in a country where the bank operates.

You can download the N26 app on Android and on iOS. The countries where the bank is active are France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc. Before downloading the N26 application, we recommend that you consult the opinions of users and customers of the neo-bank on the various platforms.

Why and how to download the N26 application?
Why and how to download the N26 application?

Download the N26 app

To be able to take advantage of all the offers and features of the neo-bank, you must install your app on your phone. If you have an Apple, go to the App Store. On the other hand, if you have an Android, go to Play Store. Using the app is very easy.

To be able to download it, you must have at least an iPhone 5s if you own an iPhone or at least an Android 6.0 if you use another smartphone. On app home pageyou will easily find your transactions, withdrawals, payments, transfers as well as the balance of your bank account.

The offers and prices of the N26 application

The N26 mobile bank is becoming more and more important in the market and in the banking sector. Immediately after your registration, it offers 3 types of offers:

  • The free offer;
  • The You offer;
  • The Metal offer.

The free offer will allow you to open your current bank account on the mobile application where it will be associated with a MasterCard card. Regardless of the currency in which you make your purchases, you will not have commissions with your MasterCard. You have to perform at least 9 payments in 12 weeks so you can benefit from free services. In addition, this offer will allow you to make 5 free withdrawals each month. After exceeding 5 withdrawals, you will have a commission of €2 on each withdrawal.

The You offer is at €9.90 per month. This offer will allow you to associate your current account with the You MasterCard card. You will make as many payments as you want. You will make all your foreign currency transfers through CurrencyFair. The insurance guarantee is included in the price of the offer. For withdrawals, the process is identical to that of the free offer.

The Metal offer is almost the same as the You offer, except it has more offers and has more comprehensive customer support. Thanks to the Metal MasterCard, you can benefit from several advantages. The Metal offer is priced at €16.90 per month.

The benefits of the N26 app

Services that the application offers are quite limited, but they have been enough to attract thousands and thousands of customers around the world.

It has several advantages including:

  • The rates ;
  • Use ;
  • Instantaneity;
  • Security ;
  • Evolution.

Since this neo-bank has no physical branch, either in France or abroad, the rates offered by the application are automatically reduced. In addition, it is very easy to use.

If you make a payment or withdrawal, you will immediately receive a notification. If you’re going abroad, all you need to do is activate the overseas payment method through the app.

This is a very secure application. You can carry out your transactions in complete safety. In addition, she has an efficient customer service and she always improves the services she offers.

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