The Moroccan caftan: an ancient tradition

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About the Moroccan caftan

The caftan is a distinctive sign of elegance that usually consists of three pieces. The Moroccan caftan is among 26 Moroccan cultural elements that have been inscribed on the list of tangible and intangible heritage in the Islamic world of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO).

Caftan: Moroccan sewing style

This product is made up of an interior piece “the dress”. This outfit comes in a long open dress. This garment is decorated with embroidery with bright colors and quality threads. The waist of these dresses is wrapped with a beautiful belt. This belt separates the upper and lower part. Its sleeves are lined with various fabrics. In general, these fabrics are narrow from top to bottom. This product is sewn with a style of pants with not very narrow edges, amplifying its beauty, especially if the dresses are short. The colors adorned with embroidery complement the feminine scene. Taffeta, silk, tulle, lace, and other premium fabrics and accessories are also used in the kaftan. The caftan looks more beautiful and lively when it is in bright color.

Each dress has its own meaning

A very special and very distinctive fashion that stands out in every “kaftan”. Each dress is significant, and whoever analyzes discovers the secret of this dress. This meaning is almost pronounced, due to its many connotations, colors, and embroidery approved in all its details.

Caftan: another image of fashion

Traditional Moroccan fashion emerges through this type of fashion. It is enough to see the caftan, in its various forms to discover the most secret of vitality, femininity and incoming fashion from particular customs and traditions. Many changes have been made to the shape and patterns of the kaftan, depending on the fashion. Often, non-Moroccan designers merge the caftan with the takchita dress. These stylists, sometimes, do not know how to differentiate the takchita outfit and the caftan outfit. The truth is that Moroccan women and Moroccan designers know well how to distinguish between these two garments.

Two different styles of clothing: the Moroccan caftan and the Moroccan takchita

The takchita generally consists of two parts: lower and underlying. The under-kaftan is simple in its manufacture, while the superstructure is more complex in its manufacture. The latter is more beautiful, because it is often open and transparent. It is usually worn with a belt, either silk, gold or silver and adorned with precious stones. such:

  • Emeralds.
  • Diamonds ;
  • The sapphires.


“As for the kaftan, it is a one-piece garment that is generally worn loose without a belt».

The different Moroccan caftans

Worn around the world, the kaftan of yesteryear has long been an object of desire, both from a fashion and cultural point of view. However, in Morocco, it is of particular importance. This dress is now worn exclusively by women, both as everyday wear and as high fashion – depending on the material.

Although cotton kaftans abound in the medina in colorful cotton with accent stitching and piping, they are best suited for home or hot summer days.

The traditional Moroccan caftan

the traditional moroccan kaftan is a traditional piece that adapts to all body types thanks to its fitted cut. It comes in several colors and patterns, which is why it is very popular with Moroccan women.
Generally made of light fabric, it is usually made of silk, which gives it a very elegant and refined look.

The traditional Moroccan caftan can be worn with long, loose pants or skirts, heeled or wedge shoes, a light veil, and discreet make-up. If you are looking for the traditional Moroccan caftan for a special occasion, we advise you to choose models in velvet or satin.

The modern Moroccan caftan

The modern moroccan kaftans are characterized by their loose fit and shorter length than their traditional counterparts.
They are usually made of lightweight fabric such as satin or velvet. They can be worn with pants or a long skirt.
The modern Moroccan caftan is usually made of silk or wool. It can also be made with a satin or velvet lining, which gives it a chic and refined look.

The tradition of the Moroccan caftan

The Moroccan caftan is worn by women on festive occasions such as weddings or baptisms. Usually made from richly embellished fabrics and it is often accompanied by a veil. The colors red, orange or blue dominate and it is often decorated with many traditional motifs.

The Moroccan caftan is honored at the Oriental Fashion Show in Saint-Germain (Oriental Fashion Show – Paris) in France, on July 3, 2022. Spectators were able to admire the creative and innovative designs of Fatima Zahra Filali Idrissi’s collection.

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