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Presentation of the Boursorama application

Boursorama Banque is unquestionably One of the best online banks. Its mobile application offers complete services, facilitated banking operations, simplified payments, and consequently, satisfied customers. This is the success of the Boursorama Banque mobile application.

So, how to register? Is opening an account free? How to manage your accounts and income via your personal space? And what offers can we find on the Boursorama Bank mobile application? Let’s see all this in this article.

What should you know about the Boursorama Banque mobile application?

Boursorama Bank was launched in 2005. It quickly rose to first place and became the leading online bank in mainland France. The enthusiasm around this online bank is explained by the fact that Boursorama Banque has kept everything from a traditional bank by adding the advantages and benefits found in a mobile bank.

To date, Boursorama Banque offers three different bank card offers. We therefore find:

  • The Welcome offer is free under certain conditions;
  • The Ultimate offer is subject to conditions;
  • The Metal offer is set at 9.90 euros per month.

For minors, online banking Boursorama Banque offers an offer specially dedicated to 12-17-year-olds. It is an offer that you can find under the name of Freedom. It is also possible to benefit from a professional account. Thus, Boursorama is a mobile bank that brings together a whole range of banking products that are very valuable to customers: credit, life insurance, retirement savings, etc.

Presentation of the Boursorama application
Presentation of the Boursorama application

Services and features of the Boursorama Banque application

Boursorama Bank is a state-of-the-art mobile banking application: customers can manage their accounts independently. The Boursorama application includes multiple features. In addition, it is easy to use and has an accessible interface.

Secure services

In terms of security, customers are entitled to Touch and Face ID features. The Boursorama application also uses IBM Trusteer security software. It is also possible to block your card or to oppose it online.

With regard to payment, it is possible to fund your Boursorama account and carry out various banking operations:

  • By card ;
  • By transfer ;
  • By mobile payment.

You can also change your PIN code.

Account management

For account management, nothing could be easier: the customer can access a dashboard of his accounts, automatic categorization of his expenses, an account aggregator, and automatic savings.

Access to the forecast balance

The Boursorama Banque application allows you to monitor the budget by easily accessing a forecast balance, but also by receiving an alert message and regular emails.

Customers can contact an advisor by email or telephone, just as they can learn how to save with the advice of a Wicount savings coach who will teach them how to limit expenses.

The Boursorama application also offers innovative features for impeccable service.

Geolocated operations

For enhanced security, Boursorama offers the geolocation of operations made by credit card, enough to track any deposit, withdrawal, payment, or other.

Fast and easy operations

We mentioned above the personal budget management and savings services, but the services of the Boursorama application do not stop there: it is possible to make an instant transfer thanks to Instant Payment, access accounts via the Google voice assistant, and benefit from a secure safe 2 GB, which is convenient for storing digital documents.

All the services and functionalities offered by Boursorama Banque are to be carried out in the Customer Area, in particular in the EasyMove section where it is possible to electronically sign mandate forms.

Also, it is possible to access stock market features on the Boursorama application by going to the Bourse & Actus section.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Boursorama Banque application

Boursorama Banque is a very pleasant application with a modern and clean design and an easy-to-use interface. Customers can be 100% autonomous in their banking management thanks to all the features included, and this is easily verifiable on customer review platforms. On Google Play and the Apple Store, the Boursorama application is rated at 4.8/5, a more than respectable average which confirms positive feedback from customers as to its use.

Let us summarize the positive points noted on Boursorama Banque:

  • A modern and simple design;
  • Availability on Android and iOS;
  • Optimum security;
  • A secure safe;
  • A variety of bank accounts (current, savings, joint, etc.).

That said, we note a few points that remain to be improved, in particular, the lack of instant messaging and the impossibility of blocking a payment abroad online.

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