Offer a trip to a couple: an unforgettable gift!

voyage en couple
What trip to offer to a couple?

To offer a gift, there are many ideas. Consider giving a gift to a couple, whether it’s a honeymoon to your best friend and his wife, or a trip to your partner on Valentine’s Day, you know that this gift will be original, but you have difficulty choosing the right destination? in this article we help you find the most beautiful destinations for a traveling couple as well as some other gift ideas.

How to choose a travel destination for a couple?

To select the trip that you are going to offer as a gift, you must think of several criteria, starting with the price of the trip which must fit into your budget. The price of a trip generally varies according to the destination; a trip as a couple to Paris does not cost the same price as a trip to Venice or a world tour.

The price of the trip determines not only the place, but also the duration of the trip. Furthermore, you should think of a favorable destination for the couple during the time of year, taking into consideration climate and security of the travel destination.

In addition, you must choose the destination of the couple’s trip according to their desires and tastes, if the couple is made up of romantic people, then Paris or Venice is the ideal gift for your couple. If, on the other hand, it is a couple in love who prefers an adventure and wishes to live together a beautiful experience in a big city, choose New York.

Finally, you must have information about the destination of the trip to offer to the couple or your partner before preparing the suitcases. Above all, do not venture into unfamiliar terrain, so as not to have a bad experience. You can avoid this kind of situation by seeking the opinions of people who have already traveled to the place concerned.

couple trip
couple trip

Ideas to offer a trip to a couple of travelers

Offering a trip is a memorable gift that will delight the couple. There are many travel ideas to offer and the destinations for couples are diverse, whether you opt for a trip to Europe or to another corner of the world.

A stay in Italy for example to visit the most romantic cities in the world, like Venice and Florence, offers an extraordinary experience to the couple. On the other hand, take into consideration that a romantic getaway of a few days in Venice or a stay in Florence, during the period of Valentine’s Day, can be expensive.

If you choose to visit Paris as a couple and take photos, it’s a great idea, especially if both partners are fans of the city of Paris. This trip of a few days can be offered in the form a travel case, like a Smart box which includes 2 nights in France, in Barcelona or Venice, the choice of the destination of the trip is according to the taste of the couple.

Also, a trip around the world seems like an interesting idea on a wedding anniversary after long years together. In general, it is the ideal gift for a couple who love travel and discovery. Remember to accompany your plane tickets with a map to be able to trace the route of this trip.

Gifts for a travel-loving couple

If you are invited to a wedding party of a travel-loving couple, but your budget is not enough to pay the price of a trip, you can opt for items that will be useful for the couple during their travels. You can buy these items on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Here is a list of some gift ideas for a couple:

  • A cork world map;
  • A scratch map of the world;
  • A camera ;
  • A travel bag.

First, a cork world map that can be hung on a wall will make an excellent piece of decoration, as it recalls the spirit of adventure in the couple.

Also, you can offer a scratch off world map, it is available on Amazon from 44 euros. Be aware that there are several types, sizes and materials, so before ordering, it is best to read the comments to be sure that the product is of quality.

Besides, a trip requires photo shoots for the photo book, so offering a camera to a traveling couple will probably make them happy. Finally, a travel bag is a useful gift with a good price, you can also find this bag on Amazon.

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