My Crédit Agricole Bank: discover the application

Ma Banque du Crédit Agricole : découvrez l'application
What does the My Bank of Crédit Agricole application offer?

Crédit Agricole is a French bank that is constantly reinventing itself. In recent years, it has set up a mobile app which was a great success.

We all use our telephones all day long, so as much as it is useful to us, and this, Crédit Agricole has understood. Thus, if you need to follow your banking activities and carry out transactions without moving, it is now possible in a few clicks. Your bank has developed a mobile application: My bank.

It’s time to give you an opinion on this format. For this, let’s take a look at the features of the application as well as the services it offers to its customers in France, and even internationally.

Control your accounts on the Crédit Agricole My Bank application

From your phone, you can view your banking accounts and services, regionally and more, and access your earnings with just a few clicks.

A big advantage is that you can just as easily connect to your Crédit Agricole bank account, but also to those of other banks in complete security. Thanks to this formula, you will have an overall idea of ​​your income.

Of course, you have the option of managing your money easily. Information on your transfers, your limits, as well as your savings rate, and many other parameters can be managed from your smartphone if you choose to download this online agency.

Connecting with an advisor

If you want to stay in touch with your bank adviser, even if you don’t go to the bank, this is quite possible, thanks to the offer made by the My Bank application to its customers.

Thus, it will be easy for you to communicate with the latter. by exchanging on the messaging application. If you wish to arrange an appointment, you have direct access to your adviser’s agenda to set a date.

It is also possible to subscribe to a formula or an offer from the agency via the application, in complete security. In other words, you are totally autonomous. For more information, you can consult the customer area dedicated to this purpose.

Managing your data

Protecting your data, your payments, and your card is essential. Thus, this format may seem a little risky, because the world of the Internet is sometimes cruel, but Ma Banque engages safely in the management of your personal data.

On the application, you can thus, in complete transparency, access your bank account. It is also possible to log in to the premium version. Consult the rates directly on the My Bank application.

The advantages of the Crédit Agricole My Bank application

First of all, know that you will not be bombarded with validation SMS every time you have to authenticate an online transaction. Thus, during your payments, you will be notified directly on your application, once you have entered your payment details.

There is no need to wait 72 hours to make a transfer after adding a beneficiary. Crédit Agricole offers you the possibility of making a transfer after this addition.

Budget question and more specifically concerning app prices know that the checkout does not impose any additional costs on you because this service is free.

My Bank offers a multitude of services if you are a globe trotter.

The process of validating an operation is very simple, you just have to authenticate yourself using the code that you will have defined beforehand. Thus, you will have the possibility of activating the function of digital recognition or even that of facial recognition via your smartphone.

Available in Android format, but also on iOS, you can download the application now.

Facilitation of your online transactions thanks to Ma Banque du Crédit Agricole

Thanks to Securipass, you can manage your income securely, whether in your bank account or on your card affiliated with Caisse. When you make a purchase online, you can use your Mastercard or other and you will be notified directly.

All you have to do is download the application, the only platform on which Sécuripass is activated, to then be able to take advantage of this offer. If applicable, be very vigilant as this is synonymous with attempted fraud.

Enable this feature by allowing notifications to benefit operations. It is also possible to choose to add a beneficiary. This formula is available and is effective in a few clicks, thanks to this function.

Travel and Leisure guarantees with the EKO card

If you are a globe trotter, the EKO card is made for you and goes beyond the borders of France. So you can, not regionally, but internationally, take advantage of very attractive rates and insurance, which will lighten your budget.

It is possible to benefit thanks to the Crédit Agricole application, during the first 3 months of your stay, from a guarantee of assistance and insurance. By using your Mastercard, you will enjoy remotely:

  • A loan as well as death insurance during your journeys and travels;
  • You can also manage your limits, your transfers, and your savings rate;
  • Thanks to the EKO card, you benefit, if you wish, from premium access to the application;

The cards of My Bank of Crédit Agricole

The Mastercard provided is still valid, and allows you to reduce transport costs during a trip. You will also need to notify the support service before making any payment.

So go to the level of the customer area of ​​your application to choose between the EKO card and the Mastercard. So, ready to download the Crédit Agricole app?

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