How to choose a replacement jumping mat for your trampoline?

How to choose a replacement jumping mat for your trampoline?
The trampoline is a game that children and adults can do. The principle being to make jumps on it. However, to cope with these different leaps, the materials that constitute the garden trampoline have to be robust and resistant. As a result, these materials need to be maintained and in some cases, need to change certain parts, including the jumping mat, to guarantee the safety and protection of those who play there, especially children. To do this, follow in this guide how to choose your new jumping mat suitable for your trampoline.

Choice criteria for the spare jumping mat


Before changing your garden trampoline jumping mat, make sure you know the selection criteria to choose the right canvas spare jump. Above all, you must choose a quality canvas to ensure the safety of children. These criteria are:

  • Spring length;
  • Number of springs;
  • Peripheral frame diameter;
  • Price and quality.

The length of the springs

The measurement of each spring that makes up the frame and circumference of the trampoline is the first criterion to be taken into account. Indeed, this measurement depends on the model of trampolines chosen. Because of this, each spring has its size and different measurement, or otherwise, the same diameter, but of different sizes. Choose the replacement jumping mat after taking down the size and spring measurement.

The number of springs

One of the most important criteria to look at is the number of springs in the trampoline. It is one of the protective and safety supports of trampolines and without them, the surface of the jumping mat cannot be rigid. It is also this number of springs that will determine the number of hooks to be attached to the frame of the trampolines.

The diameter of the peripheral frame

The most essential criterion for choosing the new jumping mat is the diameter of the frame of the trampoline. This criterion will allow the compatibility of the jumping mat with trampolines. For this, please measure the diameter of your trampoline or more exactly, the peripheral of the frame of your garden trampoline. This will make it easier for you to choose the right size for your new trampoline mat.

The price and the quality

Price and quality may be last on the list, but are among the most important of all these criteria. Quality takes precedence over everything, indeed, only quality canvases won’t tear too quickly and will be able to withstand the weight of jumps and bounces made by children or even adults. The price, meanwhile, depends on the diameter and quality of the fabrics chosen. Make your selection carefully on internet sales sites, such as Amazon, which also offers delivery and after-sales services.

Steps to change garden trampoline spare parts and jumping mat

If you cannot afford the service of a professional, you can change the parts of your garden trampoline yourself, so how do you proceed? To change a part on the trampoline, you must first see the assembly system in question. The assembly and disassembly system depends on the model of the trampoline.

The steel metal junction is practical, forming a “T”, so that the parts are welded to each other.

To change the trampoline jumping mat, you must:

  • Start by removing and dismantling the trampoline net;
  • You can then remove the springs in pairs. To do this, you must lift the springs using pliers at the same time as you press on the springs;
  • Take out the hooks of the springs on the entry of the fabric;
  • Then install your new jumping mat;
  • Replace the springs to finish.

Be careful not to forget any of the springs, otherwise this could modify the structure of the jumping surface of the mat, as well as the quality of the jump and the bounce.

Trampoline equipment needs to be changed to constantly guarantee the safety and protection of people who play there, especially children. Essential criteria to consider before purchasing your equipment spare for trampoline.

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