Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Mr. Clean Would Personally recommand

Cleaning was never something we enjoy. However, it’s extremely annoying when you don’t have the necessary equipment. And those who lack the time for a proper cleaning may find it much harder. And who wants to spend hours of a rest day polishing the walls and floors? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of cleaning tips that really work, so you can have your home looking spotless in no time! With these tips, you may achieve the finest outcomes without spending a lot of time or effort. Many of the components are already in your cupboard, which makes these tips cheap and simple. From using a lemon to eliminate rust from taps to using vinegar to clean your shower, these tips will simplify your cleaning routine greatly.

1. Clean any Surface from rust

clean rust with lemon
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Rust may be an unpleasant look and shorten the lifespan of the things in your house. For the sake of both your hands and the item itself, vigorously washing these surfaces isn’t the greatest action to take. Your best bet is to clean it with a lemon.

Lemons should be cut in half and then salted. Then Employ it by scraping it directly to the surface to clean the rust away. The rust will be efficiently removed by the lemon’s acidic action. Don’t forget to follow these steps before the rust gets out of control since it will be more difficult to clean.

2. Sparkling lampshades

cleaning fabric lampshades
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Are you concerned that washing your pricey lampshades may damage them? Here is a quick and damage-free solution to restore their appearance: Get an adhesive lint roller! Then remove the dust with the sticky part without exerting any force.

The nice thing about this hack is that a lint roller can be used on any surface, but it prefers smoother ones. Cleaning it is also simple because all you have to do is take off the lint roller’s utilized layer.

3. Carpet without stains

carpet cleaning with iron
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Here is how to clean your carpet using softer cleaning agents. First, you need to prepare a cleaning solution. Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water. Soak an old towel in this combination, then squeeze off the excess.

Place the towel over the filthy area and allow it to rest there for a while. Get a steam iron, now push it against the moist towel for 30 seconds. The carpet materials will be cleaned and the stain removed.

4. Let’s make your furniture new again

sofa cleaning method
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After being utilized for many years, your ancient furniture might just require some cleaning. Simply sprinkle some baking soda over the material and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Now take a vacuum cleaner and a hard brush.

Dust off any extra baking soda with the brush, then use the vacuum to remove any remaining debris, dust, and baking soda. Your furniture will look like new after this. Do this frequently to keep your furnishings good-looking and clean.

5. Clean granite surfaces

granite kitchen cleaning
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Granite is a preferred material for kitchen counters due to its durability and the elegant appearance it offers the room. You may make it clean and shining like new by using a little bit of water and a homemade detergent mixture. A paper towel, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol, that’s all that you will need.

Two cups of water, 6 drops of dishwashing liquid, and 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol must be combined. Use a paper towel to now work the mixture in. The surface will be carefully cleaned of dust, filth, and any food stains while also being softly disinfected.

6. Cleaning cabinet hardware and knobs

polishing brass door handles
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If you let slip cleaning your cabinet hardware and knobs consistently, dust accumulation will make them lose their shine. It’s just as important to keep them clean as it is to mop floors and other surfaces. Though perhaps they don’t require regular deep cleaning, it is still required.

Grab a used toothbrush and give it a good lather of oil soap. Then gently scrape the hardware and knobs to remove the grime. Use an old t-shirt or a soft cloth to polish these surfaces. In no time, your cabinets will appear brand new.

7. Get rid of rust rings

rust and scale remover
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If you left a metallic object in the shower or on the counter for an extended period of time, it may leave a rust ring on the surface. This might be a toothpaste container or your shampoo bottle. It may be nearly impossible to remove these stains if you wait until it’s too late.

To remove these stains from the impacted surfaces, create a paste out of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Scrub the area with an old toothbrush for a deep clean. It will remove all traces of rust, leaving the surface to appear spotless. Your visitors won’t even notice that there once was a stain there!

8. Glossy shower doors

Door shower cleaner
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After a pleasant shower, we are all familiar with the effort we will need to clean the glass doors. No matter how often you squeegee clean it, the glass door is just not as clean and transparent as it was during the first installation.

Instead of wiping it with a soft cloth or squeegee, both of which don’t completely clean it, you may obtain the greatest results by cleaning it with a stiff brush and some window cleaner. This will remove the soap scum and steam stains that you get after a shower.

9. Cleaning your oven’s inside

oven cooker cleaner
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Your oven could appear to have not been cleaned in years after you’ve cooked a number of meals in it. It can get worse since food droplets will crystallize due to the regular steam and heat. Prepare a mixture by combining one cup of baking soda with some dish soap and let’s clean that oven.

This mixture should be combined with water to create a thick paste that is similar to the consistency of pancake batter. Apply this mixture to the oven’s inside, focusing on the filthy parts. After fifteen to twenty minutes, wipe it dry.

10. Cleaning the gas stove

gas stove cleaning
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Have you been avoiding gas stove cleaning? You can take care of it with a simple cleaning trick, so don’t worry. Add some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water to an old bowl. Combine these materials to make a thick paste that we will use to cover the stove.

Apply this combination, then leave it to work. It will remove the food debris and grime on the stove. To take off the mixture, wipe it gently with a sponge or soft cloth. Your stove will be ready to use again and will seem clean and fresh.

11. Clean that Oven’s door

keep kitchen clean
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It will be difficult to take a look at your food and make sure it is cooking properly if your oven door is foggy. The oven door may be cleaned with the use of baking soda. Add some baking soda to the area, then cover it with a wet cloth or an old t-shirt.

To increase the cleaning effect, immerse the towel in some soapy water. After fifteen minutes, wipe it off the surface using the same cloth. To ensure that the door is streak-free and looks clean, use gentle circular motions.

12. Cleaning the stove’s burners

stove cleaners
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The food that is cooked on the stovetop overflows all over the burners, making them unclean. To clean them, though, you don’t need to scrape them aggressively. Create a mixture by combining baking soda and dish soap and form a thick paste.

Apply this paste evenly on the stove burners, then wait around 20 minutes. There is no need to scrape since this mixture will alone remove the grime and clean your cooktop. To remove the combination and the dirt altogether, use a soft and moist towel.

13. Say Goodbye to oily streaks

kitchen clean from oily stains
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Your kitchen surfaces may become oily from steam and oil spills, making them seem impossible to clean. Don’t give up. For this next tip, all you need is some mineral oil and paper towels to keep your kitchen grease-free.

Use a paper towel or cloth moistened with a few drops of mineral oil to clean the oily items and surfaces. Mineral oil will help to dissolve the grease and facilitate easy cleanup. Use the paper towel to clean the surfaces once more after rubbing them with the mineral oil.

14. The easiest way to clean the microwave

cleaning microwave
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Your microwave probably has a variety of watermarks and food splatters from frequent use. Before stains fully settle in your microwave, it’s time to do a complete inside cleaning. You’ll need a bowl that can go in the microwave for this cleaning tip.

Add some water and lemon juice to the bowl. Then microwave it until it starts to boil and emit steam, the steam from the boiling solution will remove the dirt within. Now carefully brush these stains away to reveal a sparkling and clean microwave.

15. Properly clean the bathtub

bleach free cleaner for bathtub
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To keep your bathtub free of dust and bacteria, deep clean it every weekend. Cleaning solutions like bleach are a good choice for this. When using chemical cleaning products, be sure to use gloves and ventilate the area correctly.

You must first add hot water to your bathtub. Then have a generous scoop of oxygen bleach added to it and let the magic happen. Drain the mixture the following morning after leaving it in the tub overnight. Spray the tub to get rid of any leftovers and enjoy a spotless clean bathtub.

16. No more stress cleaning the air conditioner’s vents

vent cleaning
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The placement of air conditioner vents makes cleaning them difficult and they collect a lot of dust. Also, you cannot always call professional cleaning services on a regular basis. However, you may get the same outcomes by using household items.

Tie a towel around a stick, such as a knife, after soaking it in the cleaning solution and squeezing away the excess. To catch and remove the dust, pass the knife through the vents. The vent will be clean since the towel is simple to use to pick up debris and dust.

17. Cleaning the plastic cutting boards

best clean cookware
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Cutting boards made of plastic are more practical than those made of wood since they don’t mold as quickly. However, they could acquire deep food stains that are difficult to clean. Before you throw away your used cutting board, try this trick.

Let the plastic cutting boards soak in a solution of water and bleach. Allow them to soak in this mixture for a couple of hours so that the bleach can remove the discoloration and the inside stain. The boards should be removed, cleaned with normal dish soap, and then allowed to air dry.

18. Blinds without dust

blinds and window cleaning
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Cleaning blinds are among the most difficult tasks. It can take hours to clean each slat. Thankfully, there is an easy method for cleaning such challenging dust collectors. Take a set of tongs and a moist cloth, then use rubber bands to wrap the cloth tightly around the object.

With these tongs, carefully clean each blind to get rid of any surface dust. This is a clever method for cleaning the blinds since all the dust will adhere to the moist towel, leaving you with much less cleanup to do afterward.

19. Reliable carpet and floor cleaning

floor carpet cleaners
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Are you sick of cleaning your carpets? Clean them up with this easy method! To remove tough carpet stains, all you need is soap and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub the troublesome region after applying a few drops of soap and hydrogen peroxide diluted in water.

To work on the stains, you might use a toothbrush with soft bristles. No need to replace your carpets or hire cleaning services at an expensive cost every time you want to clean them up before visitors arrive—this cleaning trick is fast and easy, it will leave your carpet clean and free of stains.

20. Sparkling Bathroom faucets

clean faucet
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Your faucets may seem dull and develop surface stains from hard water and soap. If neglected for a long period, this can become difficult to clean and harm the appearance of your bathroom. In no time, your faucet will be spotless and appear brand new.

There is only one component required for this hack: vinegar. Take paper towels and soak them in vinegar, then wrap them around the faucet for 30 to 50 minutes. A ziplock bag full of vinegar is another option you can use. The faucet will be clean, spotless, and devoid of abrasive watermarks and debris.

21. Organic window cleaning

Onion is one of window cleaners
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Many people don’t want to use chemical cleaning products, especially in their bedrooms. If you are one of those, you can simply grab an onion and clean your home’s windows. It will work very well on them! Cut an onion in half and wipe it all over the surface of your windows to remove stains from the glass.

Then wipe them with a soft cloth. You’ll be surprised at how clean and clear the windows appear. After employing this trick to get streak-free windows, you might never go back to chemical cleaners. Who would have imagined how useful onions might be?

22. Clean your Iron soleplate

remove Iron stains
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Irons are a common home item, but they may be difficult to clean. Using metallic products and scrubbers to clean the soleplate could permanently harm it. Instead, use vinegar and baking soda to maintain the iron soleplate and keep it functional for longer.

Clean the soleplate’s grime and burned fabric residue by dipping a piece of cloth or tissue in vinegar and gently wiping the surface. Another option is to use salt and baking soda. Be cautious not to get it within the steam holes when you rub it on the soleplate.

23. Make your kitchen fragrant

clean up the kitchen
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You can’t seem to locate the cause of the bad odor in your kitchen? Perhaps a filthy garbage disposal is what to blame. If you don’t completely clean the area, no amount of air freshener will help. To wipe up the filth and get rid of foul-smelling trash, use an old toothbrush.

You may use dish soap to get rid of the food, oil, and other trash attached to the splash guard. Then, once you’ve finished the scrape, clean the disposal area with hot water to get rid of any residue and dirt. Your kitchen will remain smell-free if you clean it frequently.

24. Make your vases gorgeous again

deep cleaning and sanitizing for vases
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Vases frequently develop dirt, with its accumulation, it will make the glass stained. if your vases are tall and narrow, you won’t be able to clean them properly enough, since you won’t be able to reach all the corners. You may clean these difficult-to-reach spots with broken eggshells rather than keeping your vase terribly unclean.

Simply place the eggshells in the vase with some hot water and dish soap. Then swirl them around to get the dirt off. Since this hack uses food leftovers to clean the house, it earns extra points for being waste-free.

25. Cleaning your washing machine

washer cleaning
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It might not seem sanitary to wash your clothes in a machine that is loaded with limescale and filth. It also affects the washing machine’s functionality and capacity. There are several solutions for this.

To clean the machine, use vinegar, citric acid, or bleach. Simply add your preferred solution to the bare machine, then let it run on the hottest cycle. Forget about scraping your machine very hard to clean it. You’ll feel fantastic when you throw your next load in such a clean drum!

26. Cleaning your faucets

clean kitchen faucet
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Your bathroom aesthetic may be suffering from dull chrome faucets. And without using chemical cleaning products, it might take you hours attempting to take back their shine. Here’s a quick trick to get the sparkling shine back using cotton balls and baby oil.

Take a cotton ball and put some baby oil on it, then use it to rub the chrome faucet for a few minutes. The surface will be polished and made glossy as a result. You can now view your reflection and be pleased with the cleaning job you did.

27. Clean the furniture made of soft and sanitary microfibre

sofa and carpet cleaner
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A typical cleaning cloth won’t work for that microfiber furniture. Rub alcohol and a stiff cleaning brush are all that is required to restore it to its former glory. Apply rub alcohol to the unclean area by filling a spray container with the liquid.

To eliminate dirt completely, scrub the appropriate area with a clean sponge. Use a white sponge exclusively to avoid transferring any color to the furniture. After that, use a stiff brush to go over the same area and let it dry.

28. No more cups with brown stains

dish cleaners with lemon
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If you keep your coffee or tea cup unwashed for several hours, you’ll notice that it developed some dark stains that are difficult to get rid of no matter how hard you scrub. Even dish soap fails miserably on them. Try this trick if you want to get your cup as clean as it was when you first got it.

The next time you use a lemon, save the zest and use it to make your own cup cleaner. You can do that by combining salt and lemon peel. Rub it on the cup to remove persistent dark stains. There is no need to be concerned about harsh chemicals in your dishes anymore, as salt and lemon are both food-safe.

29. The solution of Burnt pan

greenpan cleaning
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Cleaning up burned pans is a nightmare. Even after being submerged in water, burned food may not go away at all. You can easily break down burnt food by adding vinegar to the pan and bringing it to a boil.

After that, wipe baking soda in the burnt areas to fully remove the residues. Your pan will seem polished after doing this. The pan can be dried with a towel or sponge or just leave it to air dry. You no longer need to scrape your pans vigorously to keep them appearing clean.

30. Make your Bathtubs edges sparkling white

bathtub mould remover
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With little bleach and cotton balls, you can restore the snow-white color of your bathtubs. Keep the cotton balls on the tub’s edges after soaking them in bleach. This will remove the dust and debris that are adhered to the margins.

It will remove dirt as well as any mold that has started to emerge in these moist spots. Remove them the next morning after letting them sit all night. Throw some water over these places and expose your bathtub’s pristine white surface.

31. Cleaning pots and pans

potato as a cookware cleaner
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It might be difficult to decide which pan cleaning methods to attempt first because there are so many. This method is the simplest because it doesn’t require any chemicals or boiling the pans to clean them. Just potato and some salt.

Potatoes should be cut in half and salted finely. This raw potato is half-cut, so rub it on the pan and watch it do its magic. There won’t be any food stains, burnt food residues, or brown streaks on your pan.

32. Shiny Stainless steel sink

sink clean out
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Due to hard water, brown stains and difficult-to-remove markings start to appear on your steel sinks. It will be hard to clean these marks with dish soap. Would you like to effectively clean your steel sink? Here is a tip for you. You’ll be surprised to learn that this one does not require any powerful cleaners or brushes.

As usual, scrub the sink, then let it air dry. Throw some flour in the sink, then wait for a little before cleaning it. Wipe away the flour with a cloth or towel, you will get a polished and brand-new sink.

33. Use Rice for your coffee grinder

cookware clean for coffee grinder
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If you love coffee, you are using a coffee grinder, you’ll also note that the coffee grinder will occasionally require cleaning. Additionally, you could notice that some odor can persist even after washing it with dish soap. It could be difficult to get rid of and linger in your coming cup of coffee.

Put rice in the grinder until you fill half of it, then give it a minute to grind completely. This will clean the grinder of any odors and debris. Remove the rice, then use a wet paper towel to wipe the grinder’s interior.

34. Fixing furniture made with leather

leather repair
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The living room is more charming with leather sofas and recliners. To keep them in excellent shape, they need to be repaired and maintained, otherwise, the material might degrade. After a few years, you could also see white markings on the surface.

If you notice any stains and scratches on your beloved furniture, you won’t need to replace it. Just apply shoe polish that matches your furniture’s color. The polish will extend the lifespan of the material and serve as a reparative.

35. Shiny mirrors

clorox wipes on mirror cleaning
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Any space may appear bad with dirty mirrors. Dust, water splashes, fingerprints, and steam, all of these make bathroom mirrors rapidly filthy. No matter how diligently you clean them, if you don’t use the proper products, there will always be stains.

Spray on your mirror a solution made of 50/50 water and vinegar to clean them properly. For a subtle aroma, you may also add a few drops of essential oils like lemon or lavender. The mirror will be spotlessly clean after using this solution.

36. Save the day with toothpaste

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Plastic items may become covered in greasy muck and dust, and it is impossible to wash every single one of them. Dusting oily surfaces won’t get rid of the buildup very well. Plastic surfaces are effortlessly cleaned with toothpaste.

Put a used towel or piece of clothing in some warm water. Dab some toothpaste on it and clean the oily grime from these plastic surfaces by gently scrubbing them with a towel. In just a few seconds, the dirt will fall off with little to no scratching.

37. Air vents without dust

air vent cleaning
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Dust accumulates in air vents, which could lower the quality of the air in general. If you are already having trouble keeping everything clean, using dusters could be an additional burden for you. If you regularly need to clean the air vents, use this trick.

To keep the air vents clean for a very long period, think about waxing them completely. When you need to clean them later, the wax will keep the dust from accumulating and won’t have a significant buildup, making cleaning easy.

38. Get that ceiling and walls Clean

clorox wipes on painted walls and ceiling cleaning
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Not everyone is capable of removing dust, spider webs, and other debris from the walls and ceilings. Even if you use a telescopic pole with a duster on it, you could miss certain areas. However, there is a cleaning trick for every single corner and edge of your house.

Use your mop to clean these difficult-to-reach places and see how well it works to not only remove dust but also to stop accumulation. Depending on the type of paint on the walls and ceilings, you may use the mop dry or a bit moist.

39. Clean and bright tiles

tile cleaning
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If not properly cleaned on a regular basis, the area between the tiles gets moldy over time and becomes difficult to clean. To clean the dirt, mildew, and water stains properly off your tiles, it might not be sufficient to just spray water on them.

Pick up a sponge and wet it with water. Now, dip it in baking soda and start cleaning the tiles. This way, you will get rid of stains, mold, and mildew. Your tiles will look clean and new after the baking soda treatment. Remember to put on gloves for this one.

40. A clean sink

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In addition to being terrible to look at, dirty sinks are harmful to your health. Rather than spending hours cleaning the sink, just Sprinkle some baking soda in it. Let it stay in the sink for a while, then let’s move on to the next cleaning procedure.

To get rid of all the grime and stains, scrub the sink with a sponge that has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Your sink will start to appear as clean and pristine as it once did when you just got it. There won’t be any brown and yellow flecks on the surface.

41. Properly clean oven vent filters

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You’ll be shocked by how much dirt build-up in oven vent filters even after only a few weeks. All you need for efficient cleaning of your oven vent filters is a large container big enough to hold some borax and the filters.

Borax should be mixed with hot water after being added to the bowl. Place the oven vent filters in the basin, and then let them a full 20 minutes to soak. The vents should then be taken out of the bowl and carefully cleaned by being submerged in water. Before installing them again, let them dry naturally.

42. Quick and simple washing machine drum cleanup

vinegar and fabuloso baking soda for drum cleaning
Image courtesy: Vans World / YouTube

Detergent stains and Lint are usually found on the washing machine drum. It doesn’t seem a practical way to wash your clothes in a filthy drum. To clean the machine drum, you need to start using baking soda and vinegar. Produce a paste with these two components combined together with a little bit of water.

Take a sponge and dip it in the mixture, then gently clean the interior of the drum. Avoid damaging or scratching anything when cleaning. Also, pay attention to the rubber seal for cleaning safely and effectively. How simple was that?

43. Watch your favorite show on a clear TV screen

clorox wipes on tv screen cleaning
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Cleaning a computer or TV screen may be challenging since you don’t want to leave any smudges or traces. This will affect the viewing experience and you will have to keep cleaning it constantly. The trick is using a coffee filter as opposed to a normal cloth.

The screen will be properly cleaned by the coffee filter, and there won’t be any lint left behind. If you are used to cleaning your TV with a solution, just spray the cleaning liquid on the coffee filter and carefully clean the screen. Avoid spraying it right onto the screen.

44. Clean wood Cutting boards

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After usage, cutting boards get quite soiled, and the chopped food may find its way into the gaps. Even if you scrub it vigorously, this cannot be cleaned and disinfected with water and dish soap. To clean it properly, you need to add a little something more.

On the board, slice a lemon and sprinkle some coarse salt. Along with the salt, clean the board using the lemon that has been sliced. The lemon will get rid of the board’s odor and food stains. Cleaning your cutting board in this manner is safe for use around food.

45. Make your dishes new again

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As they are used, plates and dishes lose their shine and begin to appear worn out. This easy procedure can make your old dishes shine and come back once again. To clean them, doesn’t even demand any cleaning products.

To clean the dishes, use baking soda and water. After giving it some time to work on the stains and blemishes, wash it with hot water. Watch how glossy and fresh the dishes now appear after drying for a while.

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