Caftan or Takchita? The differences

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The kaftan is a traditional garment worn by men and women in many countries around the world. It can be worn in any season and adapts to both modern and classic styles. It is a garment that can be worn at weddings, religious ceremonies, or family celebrations.

Takeshita is used on the same occasions as the caftan, that is to say at weddings or very special events, but just as the caftan is a very classic garment, the Takeshita is more modern and creative. Its main feature is that it consists of two pieces, instead of one and that it is worn by women.

Difference Between Takchita and Caftan

The caftan is a traditional Moroccan garment and Arabic that is worn on special occasions. This is a very elegant outfit, often used for weddings. The caftan is a garment that has a rich and complex history. This long dress is usually made of velvet or brocade, the colors of which are in pastel, white or black tones. Embroideries have also been added to this traditional Moroccan outfit to bring out all its beauty and elegance.

The caftan is often accompanied by a male jabador (shirt) which can be worn by both men and women and which gives it an additional touch of modernity thanks to its very trendy mandarin collar. The caftan is a very popular dress in Morocco that all members of the Moroccan family have at home in the same way as the djellaba or the burnous.

The Takeshita is a traditional outfit intended for women which are adorned with magnificent oriental motifs called “Meknassa”. This long dress has puffed sleeves decorated with gold threads called “Fassia” which are generally found on the upper arms and the bust. The jewels adorning this dress are particularly worked, which gives a luxurious aspect to this traditional Moroccan handmade dress.

In summary one piece for a Caftan for men and women and two pieces for the Takchita for women.

History of the Moroccan caftan

The Moroccan caftan for each country, contains its own traditions, the heritage of culture, and customs.

cultural heritage

The origin of the Moroccan caftan is found in Persian heritage. The Moroccan caftan was introduced by the Arabs. Indeed, the caftan is a cultural heritage originating from several civilizations of power in Morocco… Currently, while the caftan is widespread in several countries, fashion designers project the Moroccan caftan in their catalogs.

The golden age of caftans

Women in Morocco embellish the caftan in their daily lives, whether in the countryside or in the cities. From now on, the caftan has become the symbol of elegance and beauty. The Moroccan caftan and Moroccan fashion, in general, represent femininity and elevate it to another level. And any Moroccan caftan, which is the traditional dress, reflects an aesthetic feature that sums up the originality and history of a beautiful country.

The value of the caftan

The Moroccan caftan is a long dress, usually worn by the Moroccan woman or the bride on special occasions such as marriage. And the Moroccan caftan is very popular after the big design companies have included them in their fashion shows. The caftan is never an abaya because it is a special dress for the Moroccan people. Women wear kaftans the most compared to men. The Moroccan caftan has become a luxury brand. Women and men wear these dresses and garments in any traditional or modern ceremony for:

  • Beautiful colors;
  • The shape of its cups;
  • Handwoven stitches.

These characteristics increase the aesthetics of the Moroccan caftan.

Price of a Moroccan caftan

According to the models, the prices of this Moroccan outfit are expensive. Indeed, they vary according to the quality of the fabric, the design, and the complexity of the work to be done. Since in general customers prefer hand sewn caftans. The most modern designers have even dared to “shorten” the caftan above the knee, and now there are variants for wearing it combined with pants.

“The Moroccan caftan evokes pride, elegance and creativity”.

The demand for caftans is generally steady throughout the year around the world. But these caftans reach their peak from the second half of the month of fasting. When customers ask for light kaftans for the end of Ramadan party, or in summer, the special time to celebrate a wedding.

How to wear a Caftan?

You know that the Caftan is a garment that has always had an important place in Moroccan society. It is a traditional dress and worn in all regions of Morocco. Even today, the Caftan is worn by middle and upper-class women in Casablanca.

It is a luxurious garment that can be very expensive. To look chic, you have to buy a satin or silk kaftan.

You can also find cheap caftan models on the internet because it is a dress that sells very well on the Moroccan market.

You can also hire a seamstress to make your caftan at a lower cost. In addition, there are shops specializing in the sale of caftans in Morocco.

Where to buy a Caftan?

Today we are going to tell you about buying a Moroccan caftan online.

It is very easy to get a caftan on the internet thanks to online sales. Some sites offer models that can be purchased directly on their site with possible delivery. Other sites offer models to order after receiving a photo sent by email or via a webcam. However, it is better to choose a reliable and serious site to avoid unpleasant surprises. Moreover, it is interesting to know that some sites have cheaper prices than others. So before any purchase, you must check the different characteristics of the product and the service offered by the seller in order to make the right choice.

Celebrity Kaftans

Kaftans are traditional clothing worn by Muslim women, and more specifically by Moroccan women.

They reflect the richness of Moroccan culture, as they represent a symbol of elegance and beauty. However, you should know that the caftan is not only a typical Moroccan dress.

It is also prized around the world, especially for its great finesse and luxury.

The caftan is therefore an outfit that can be worn throughout the year, whatever the weather or place. We can distinguish three main types of caftans:

  • The haute couture caftan
  • The traditional caftan
  • The modern caftan

In conclusion, the caftan is a dress that can be worn in any season. It comes in several different designs, colors, and styles. The caftan can be worn by both women and men.

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