Best Lake Vacation Spots Around the World

There are gorgeous spots all over the world, but nothing compares to witnessing a magnificent lake with its clear, quiet surface and vibrant hues. Some of these natural or man-made beauties may be found all over the world, from California to Switzerland, Bolivia to Russia, and may inspire you to become a lake vacation enthusiast rather than a beach fan.

Although these examples have various names (lake, laguna, lagoon), they are all as captivating. The world is filled with beautiful lakes and many of them make for great lake vacation destinations. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or somewhere to enjoy some outdoor activities there’s a lake out there that’s perfect for you. Here are just a few of the best lake vacations around the world.

8 of the Best lake vacation destinations around that you must visit

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

The crimson waters of Laguna Colorada may be found high in the Bolivian highlands. Laguna Colorada is a shallow salt lake in southwest Bolivia within the Altiplano highlands of the Andes. The lake is distinguished by its red color caused by sediments and pigmentation of certain algae in the water. The water’s unusual hue comes from red algae, although local legend claims it comes from the gods’ shed blood. On a clear day, the red waters contrast with the mountains and blue skies, producing a very magnificent sight.

During the mating season, the tiny lake draws groups of pink flamingos, so schedule your lake vacation around December and April. It’s a sight not to be missed, and it’s only a three-hour trip north of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is a rift lake located in Russia. It is the deepest lake in the world with a depth of over 5,000 feet. Baikal is also the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world containing about 20% of the world’s fresh surface water. The lake is home to a number of endemic species of flora and fauna and is a popular tourist destination.

Winter is the finest season to see Lake Baikal since it changes into a frozen paradise. The whole lake freezes over, leaving craggy ice caverns surrounding the surface and freezing bubbles beneath the water’s basin. It may be one of the world’s most remote locations, but it’s well worth the journey if you want to be sent to a frozen paradise.

Lake Tahoe, United States

Lake Tahoe is one of the largest lakes in the United States, extending between California and Nevada. It is one of California’s most visited swimming, hiking, kayaking, and boating destinations. The area around the lake is also referred to as Lake Tahoe or simply Tahoe. The lake is about 22 mi (35 km) long and 12 mi (19 km) wide with a maximum depth of 1,645 ft (501 m). It is the second deepest lake in North America after Crater Lake in Oregon. People come to Lake Tahoe even though the sun isn’t shining because of the adjacent world-class ski areas.

Lake Tahoe, which was developed millions of years ago during the Ice Age, is famous for its breathtaking majestic mountains and crystal blue waters. You can see the bottom since it is so transparent. There is never a wrong time to visit Lake Tahoe, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland is a lake lover’s delight, with so many waterfront spots. Lake Lucerne is one of the most valuable pearls and a popular tourist destination in the country. As you wander through the alleys of Lucerne, enjoying the mountains and woods in the background, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a novel. It is only a 40-minute drive south of Zurich Switzerland’s fourth-largest lake.

During the summer, guests may enjoy a wide range of activities and including hiking, biking, swimming, and especially boat tours on the tranquil waters of the lake. It enjoys a moderate lake temperature all year, and the nearby town has many things to see and do that you won’t want to miss.

Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan

Mt. Fuji shines out among the many magnificent natural wonders that surround Japan’s islands. It is one of the five lakes that make up Fuji Five Lakes and is the most convenient to Tokyo. The lake offers stunning views of Mount Fuji and is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring. In winter the lake freezes over and becomes a popular spot for ice skating. There are also hot springs in the area making it a popular destination year-round. On a clear day, the renowned peak is wonderfully mirrored in the quiet waters of the lake.

The finest time to visit Lake Kawaguchiko is in the springtime when the boardwalks are lined with the country’s distinctive cherry blossoms. The region resembles a spring paradise when the flowers are in full bloom.

Thale Noi, Thailand

The Thale Noi wetlands in southern Thailand, also known as “Lotus Lake,” are one of the country’s most beautiful locations. On the lake’s top, millions of beautiful pink lotus blooms float, and the region is projected to help the lake’s distinctive biodiversity survive. Box turtles, storks, and water buffaloes live in the lake.

Thale Noi is a freshwater swamp in Thailand that is home to a wide variety of wildlife. It is also a popular spot for bird watching as it is home to over 200 species of birds. The best time to visit Thale Noi is between November and February when the water level is at its lowest and the animals are most active.

Despite Thailand’s reputation for temples, mountains, and beaches, Thale Noi is a must-see destination. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and the lotus blossoms fill the air with a beautiful scent.

Lake Como, Italy

This 56-square-mile Italian beauty has been luring summer holidaymakers since the Roman Era. The clear blue sea is well-known for its beautiful nature and high-end hotels. It’s also where celebrities like George Clooney go on a lake vacation. Lake Como is one of Europe’s deepest, nestled in the foothills of the Alps and surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Lake Como is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Situated in the Lombardy region of northern Italy the lake and its surroundings offer a wealth of things to see and do. From exploring the numerous quaint towns and villages that dot the lakeshore to enjoying the stunning scenery there is something for everyone. For those looking for a more active holiday, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and watersports. And of course, no visit to Lake Como would be complete without sampling the local food and wine.

In the winter, the lake is usually ignored, yet the cooler months on Lake Como are charming. It never freezes, and the best way to see it is via boat. While the summer is enjoyable, the offseason has emerged as the finest time to visit this Italian haven.

Lake Powell, United States

Lake Powell is a fantastic illustration of how a lake can be gorgeous even if it doesn’t have hundreds of years of history behind it. Because of its close vicinity to natural bridges, canyons, and dams, the magnificent manmade reservoir between Utah and Arizona attracts millions of tourists each year.

It is a major lake vacation spot that offers boating fishing swimming and other water-based recreation. The lake is named for explorer John Wesley Powell who led the first expedition through the area in 1869.

Lake Powell is a lovely place to swim, kayak, sunbathe, and take boat trips while enjoying the Arizona heat. On moonless nights, the lake reflects the night sky, and on bright days, it is a stunning blue tint. It’s a must-see attraction in the United States.

At the end

Lake vacations offer a more serene and relaxed experience than the hustle and bustle of beach vacations. Lakeside towns are often smaller and quieter with fewer crowds and traffic. You can also find more activities to do in the lakes region such as hiking fishing and kayaking. And of course, the scenery is unbeatable. So if you’re looking for a more low-key vacation consider heading to the lake instead of the beach.

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