Best Internet and Cable Packs for Seniors

Best Internet and Cable Packs for Seniors

Many people, even seniors, like having and watching a wide variety of television programs, which are generally provided by an Internet and Cable Packs television provider. Seniors are also becoming more comfortable with the internet. Many cable television companies also offer internet access. In most circumstances, combining your TV and internet services with one company will save you money and give you more flexibility.

When selecting a provider, keep these considerations in mind:

What type of internet connection do you need? If you only use the internet for email and light web browsing you can probably get away with a slower less expensive connection. But if you plan to stream video or download large files you’ll need a faster connection.

  • What kind of TV channels you and your senior loved one will actually watch
  • Does the organization offer the TV channels and content that you frequently watch?
  • Is their customer service accessible and supportive?
  • How accessible, courteous, and helpful is their technical assistance – this is especially crucial for older citizens.
  • And, of course, there’s the matter of the cost.

As we get older our TV and internet need to change. You may find that you watch less television and use the internet more for things like keeping in touch with family and friends researching health information or playing games. That’s why it’s important to find an affordable TV and internet package that fits your needs as a senior citizen.

Best Internet and Cable Packs – Mediacom

Mediacom is a cable television and internet provider that solely services the Midwest. This supplier offers a diverse channel roster as well as several customizing options, such as on-demand service and a mobile app. An additional TiVo cable receiver, comes with a DVR, a voice control so you can navigate the service with voice commands, and a smart guide to let you simply search available content. This is a wonderful feature that many seniors will appreciate.

For $80 per month, they offer an “Internet 60 + Essential TV” bundle that includes 60MB of internet and 125 TV channels.

Best Customer Service – CenturyLink

CenturyLink’s customer service has been rated as excellent. Many seniors are interested in their Internet Basics plan, which provides training and assistance for its customers and is aimed to increase and encourage broadband uptake and use.

With their CenturyLink Internet Basics program, you may obtain free basic internet lessons. Is a computer required for the free basic internet training? For qualifying Internet Basics users, CenturyLink provides a low-cost, internet-ready PC.

You will also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 technical assistance.

Best Technical Support – Cox

Cox provides a variety of combo packages that include several TV channels as well as high-speed internet access, in addition to being well-ranked for their technical assistance. Make sure you check their frequent discounts and special deals for their packages.

An excellent example is their Gold Duo package, which includes premium channels such as SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax, HBO Max, SEC Network, Hallmark Channel, ESPN, A&E, and EPIX, as well as 250+ channels. You also receive a 500 Mb internet connection.

Best Value – RCN

While RCN has the greatest package deals, they are only accessible in New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, Washington, Chicago, and the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

For example, they provide a $55 monthly combo package deal that includes 70+ TV channels and a great internet speed of 330 Mb.
They’re also one of the few companies that can provide a blistering 1000Mb internet connection together with 300 channels.

Best User-Friendly Qualities – Xfinity Cable

Seniors can download and watch TV on any of their preferred devices, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer, thanks to the Xfinity Stream app. Xfinity is the ‘s biggest cable TV provider, with a strong customer service organization and excellent combined service packages.

For $80 per month, they provide a basic bundle with 140 TV channels and 200MB of internet connectivity.

Best Available TV Channels – Spectrum

For some, Spectrum is a new name, yet it was previously known as Time Warner. They have a vast number of channels and shows to choose from. Most of Spectrum’s combo packages contain premium channels like HBO and Showtime for example. Other businesses impose additional fees for these channels.

Additionally, if you have a high-definition (HD) television, Spectrum does not charge an additional fee to receive HD programming.

Most packages do not bind you to a contract, which is a great feature.

To conclude

There are a few things to consider when finding the best internet and cable packs for seniors:

First, many seniors are on a fixed income so the price is always an important factor.

Second seniors often have different entertainment needs than younger people so it’s important to find a package that includes channels that they will actually watch.

Third many seniors are not as tech-savvy as younger people so it’s important to find a package that is easy to use and understand.

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