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What do I need to know to use the Revolut app?

Revolut is a British neo bank that allows its customers to benefit from commission-free banking services. This mobile bank actually allows you to make payments and transfers in different currencies in different countries without additional costs. Revolut bank can be accessed via a mobile app which allows the customer to manage his account at any time.

If you also want to benefit from the services of Revolut bank, here is everything you need to know about this application.

What are the benefits of the Revolut app?

The Revolut app offers many benefits to its users, especially those who are constantly on the go. It facilitates transactions thanks to its many services listed below.

Accessible entry conditions

A customer can easily access the bank due to the ease and speed of opening the account. Revolut does not require any proof of income, unlike other apps or online banks.

Many features

Revolut offers many features that make it easier for bank account management.

Reduced fees

The transaction price and services is an important criteria when choosing financial platforms. Part of the reason Revolut has so many favorable customer reviews is because of the low fees it charges, especially for currency and foreign currency transactions which tend to have a higher rate.

Multi-currency transactions

Revolut allows you to perform banking transactions using different currencies, through the visa card for example. The customer can use the euro as he can use cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Ethereum.

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What are the disadvantages of the Revolut bank app?

If the application of Revolut bank offers quite a few advantages to customers, it is not exempt from disadvantages. The app has a few negative reviews reported by users. It actually has two main related disadvantages:

  • Of the account ;
  • To safety.

You should know that the Revolut bank account is a CUK Account, which could complicate card payments and services, particularly following Brexit. It is for this reason that the Revolut application is used more abroad by customers who tend to travel a lot and who require banking transactions in foreign currencies.

That said, the most disabling drawback is certainly the security flaws of the application and the bank since its security system is not updated. It does not have a 3D system that allows for more secure online payments.

How to use the Revolut bank app?

The use of the Revolut application is very simple and accessible to everyone. Indeed, thanks to its ergonomic design, the platform allows any customer to register on it without any problem in just a few steps that we will see right away.

Download the app

The Revolut app is available in application stores on Android and iOS mobiles. Just search for the app on Google Play or App Store to download it. You can also go to the bank’s website to register. Just insert your phone number to receive the download link.


Registration is also easy to do. First, we must insert your number phone and set a password. You will then receive a confirmation code on your smartphone which you must enter on the Revolut platform. All you have to do is fill out a standard form regarding your information.

Confirm and verify identity

You will then move on to the Safety step in which you will confirm your identity. The app will send a verification code to your smartphone.

Fund the account

After creating your account, you will have to supply it with money and currency. Revolut offers 3 funding methods:

  • Through a bank transfer;
  • Through Google Pay and Apple Pay;
  • Through the bank card.

Order a credit card

You can perform ordering your credit card for free from the app at no additional cost. Simply select the “add a card” tab to create and personalize your bank card. You must then check the information on the card and click on “order the card” to complete the card creation process.

The latter will be sent to you directly via the delivery method selected when it was created.

What type of account to choose on the Revolut application?

The Revolut app gives you the choice between different types of accounts that differ in services and features. You have the choice between:

The Revolut Standard plan

This is a free account that allows you to take full advantage of the features of the Revolut application with some restrictions, especially in terms of withdrawal from distributors.

The Revolut Plus Plan

This is the first paid formula by Revolut. The account offers more services and features, like priority customer support and payment assurances.

The Revolut Premium Plan

Premium Account is the one with the most features. Users of this account type have access to:

  • Ephemeral virtual bank cards;
  • Travel insurance and assistance;
  • A customer support service;
  • Access to cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • An airport pass;
  • Free mailing of the card.

The Revolut Metal plan

The metal account is also a premium account that offers the same services as the Revolut Premium account with some additional features. The customer benefits from Cashback and receives a rate on each payment. It also benefits from a concierge service to guide him on his travels to find the best restaurants and make reservations.

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